A few days ago our youngest baby turned ONE! While I wish she’d stay one forever, I couldn’t be happier she’s reached this milestone. This mama had a tough time with the last three pregnancies and I am a true believer of someone being here for a reason – beyond my humble comprehension. My last two babies spent time in NICU and although I never had a set number of babies I’d have in my life, I’m so thankful God knew better and knew what our family needed.

So, I wanted to go back in time a bit and tell you my Hannah girl that you’ve come a long way since your time in NICU. I feel incredibly humbled and blessed that God chose me to be your mama and know I couldn’t adore you more than I already do. I love your resilience since day one, I love hearing your joy as you play with your sisters, I love your excitement when you see your brothers, I love your open mouth kisses to this mama’s cheeks, I love how I spend 10 minutes to do your hair yet you manage to remove it all in 1 and I love how you have us all wrapped in your chubby little finger.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays ♥

– ♥ Mami