7 thoughts on “Essentials You Will Need For A C-Section Delivery”

    1. It can be traumatic. Although all my children have been c-sections, my last 3 kids – last 2 needing NICU time, were all emergency c-sections, and nothing can prepare you for that. But maybe as God continues to heal her heart from that, she maybe open to the idea for more.
      I see my children’s bond and am convinced, a sibling is irreplaceable and carries a love like no other. I will be praying for her, I’ve been in her position. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. We’re just getting too old. And with her weight issues.. that and one boy is enough lol! Unless it’s the Lord’s will, we both just don’t anticipate any more kids.

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      2. The weight, I have ongoing issues – struggles, with that as well, it will be an ongoing thing. It’ll fluctuate. There’s a few woman at my church that the Lord continues to bless them with children and they’re, obese.
        My husband is 43 and our youngest is almost 2. And my sister in law is 42 and her youngest is about 7 months old. But let’s not forget about Sarah, Abraham’s wife.

        You’re absolutely right, His will be done. 😊🙏🏽

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