When Mother’s Day is Especially Hard

While Mother’s Day is a wonderful reminder for some that we’ve been blessed to be mother’s, I know that there are some that find Mother’s Day especially hard – for both men and women. This day is a bitter sweet reminder to many for many reasons. Perhaps you don’t live close to mom, you’ve lost your mom or have never met your biological mother due to adoption, or you’re a mother of an angel, experienced the loss of a son or daughter or both, or you’re not a mother but have longed to be one for so long. Whichever the case may be and your reasons you find this day particularly hard, my prayers are with you. I remember that the struggles I see, the never ending loads of toys, the tiny screams I hear, the tiny hugs I feel are not experienced by many – and are a blessing rather than a burden.

Today I not only embrace my Mother’s Day with my little ones, I keep in my heart those women who are having a hard time coping with today.

Happy Mother’s Day – Feliz dia de las Madres

Have a beautiful and blessed day.


Photo: Kelly Sikkema


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9 thoughts on “When Mother’s Day is Especially Hard”

  1. Such a beautiful post ❤️ so important to think of those women who have a hard day today as well! Happy Mother’s Day to you ❤️

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  2. I am both adopted and never knew my biological mother, and my mom, who is the only mother I have ever known She and my dad adopted me when I was just 1 week old), passed away a little over 12 years ago. But It gets easier. I celebrate all the moms out there, and I ma lucky enough to have a lot of surrogate moms that I love too.

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