Easy 5 Days of School Braids On Pony Tails

My oldest daughter has long hair and one thing that we have found is that physical education/PE days can be a bit of a challenge. She doesn’t like her hair down on these days because – understandably, she finds that it gets in her face and in the way – a lot! So, we have found that the best solution to this problem is to keep her hair up in a pony tail on these particular days.

What’s in my hair bin organizer?:

Clear Bin Product Organizer  or Storage Caddy with Handle – Any of these will help. I have something similar to the clear bin, it’s essential that the kids hair products are ALL in ONE place. It makes getting hair done for school so easy!

Paddle Brush

Rat Tail Hair Comb – Great for prepping hair into sections for braiding

Ouchless Elastic – No metal and Particularly great for thick hair

Strong + Small Clear Elastic  – Clear are just my personal preference for elastics

Johnson’s Detangling Spray – Works and smells great

Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray  – Tried just about every brand! Tresemme will NOT leave white flakes by the end of the school day

Spray Water Bottle – Alternate between spraying the hair with water and hair spray – a few times, will ensure an all day great school hair day. Works great with my boys too!

Baby Magic Mennen Cologne – After hair is done, I’ll put this on. It smells so good on kids – my favorite!

° Tip: After you have picked up the hair with the ouchless elastic, wet the remaining hair to prepare for braiding


Day 1 is a 4 braid pony tail, continue to divide the hair as you braid each section – not all at once and tie each as you end it with a clear elastic. Day 2 is the rope twist braid, with the rattail comb section the hair in two, begin to twist both sections to your right, continue to twist both sections to the right as you work your way on down, you can do this as tight or loose as you want. Third Image now even though this is the bubble braid – it’s so incredibly easy, that I won’t count it in my ‘5 days of school braids.’ To begin, leaving a few inches from the top, tie with an elastic and pull the hair slowly to create a bubble shape and just continue to work your way down.


Day 3 is the 3 faux fishtail braid, like the bubble braid, simple section a few inches from the top, tie with an elastic, now section the hair in two and pull the bottom remaining hair towards you and into the hole. This will give the ‘faux fishtail’ look, just continue to do this to the remaining hair.


Day 4 is the 3 in 1 braid, from the top I did the fishtail braid, simply section the hair in two and pick up hair from the outside in – pick up the same amount on both sides, put it on the opposite side working your way down – tighten the hair as you go and tie it with an elastic. Now the middle will be the rope twist braid, spray the hair with water, section the hair in two and twist both sections to the right and tie with an elastic. And the bottom is the three strand ‘regular’ braid, tie at the end.


Day 5 is the fine braid with 1 fine strand. This is just like the ‘regular’ braid, but instead of separating the hair in 3 equal parts, you’re only going to separate in 2 equal parts – leaving one thin side, not pulling on the hair tight, continue to do a ‘regular’ braid as you normally would. Now slowly pull on the thicker sections of hair to make the braid appear ‘fluffier’ or ‘thicker’ pull on the strands as much or as little as you’d like and tie at the end with an elastic. Tip: for easier pulling, finish the hair, tie at the end with an elastic and then slowly pull the thicker strands.

Happy week / school week to all!



Photo: Celia Ortega