Happy Meme Monday – Mom Edition

I like to find things that are relatable enough to make me laugh. You know that good laugh, belly hurting good?! Yes! I enjoy doing this especially when I haven’t had the best of days – and with chronic pain, there can be plenty.  I had one of a few scheduled procedures my ENT needs me to do – today I had the biopsy of my thyroid done. And let’s just say, I’m glad that’s over and we can now move on to what’s next in the agenda! So, this picture below gave me a good laugh! As a stay at home, as a mom, as a caregiver, it can be quite exhausting, but laughing at it all is the absolute best!

And let’s be honest, this is totally me …

2018-06-11 21.50.04.png

Happy Monday to all and thank you Google for the image – love it!


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Mom Life With Chiari

Living with Chiari 1 Malformation and Syringomyelia since 2013.

19 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday – Mom Edition”

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy it turned out well for you. And sorry you had that done! 😣 I’ve been through tougher procedures and this one, was just a lot, one anesthesia needle, four to poke around with! The nodule was hard for him to reach. I thought the damn needle thing was going to come through and out my brain! 😆 Now we play the waiting game for the results. So here we go! 💛🙏🏽

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