Inspiration Is Everywhere – Even Star Wars

With Summer vacation still in full swing – and chronic pain still sneaking it’s ugly head, we’ve had a couple of things going on. So, one of those things being catching up on all things Star Wars. I’ll admit, I’ve never fully seen all of the Star Wars movies. And the one that has been on repeat with my little ones has been The Phantom Menace, can I just say, wow – amazing! I can really see what the ‘buzz’ is all about with Star Wars, from the special effects, to the wardrobe, to the lines, to the makeup – it’s all mesmerizing.

So, today’s inspiration came from Yoda, there’s 9 year old Anakin standing in front of the Jedi council when Yoda senses Anakin is afraid. In return Anakin replies to Yoda in a sort of defensive manner. But, Yoda in turn offered these words to Anakin ….

Fear is the Path to the Dark Side.

Fear Leads to Anger. 

Anger Leads to Hate.

Hate Leads to Suffering. – Yoda

I’m guilty of this, of allowing people to lead me to this path of – what seems, no return. I allow things and life circumstances to overwhelm me, for me it’s Chiari + Syringomyelia, for you it maybe a separation, a breakup, a job loss, a bad grade, it maybe anything and just like that, it takes over any positive thoughts you may have had. It’s so incredibly true, fear, anger, hate can only lead us to being stuck in the darkest moments and in return only hurt us – no one else, but us. And lead us into even more suffering.


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45 thoughts on “Inspiration Is Everywhere – Even Star Wars”

    1. Yes, Yoda has many great quotes! The writer(s) are incredible. We’ve been trying to watch it, in its entirety. But I’m finding it difficult to find then all. I can’t find them on Netflix, and so far only few I’ve found on Amazon, but I don’t think that’s all of them. Where did you find them all, or do you have the collection on dvd?

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  1. I have never watched a Star Wars movie. I have sewen my grandsons numerous Star War Costumes. But, I am not a Star Wars fan. Never have never will. I can not get into something so far fetched. Sorry just my opinion.

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    1. I know, that’s what said, but my boys have quickly become fans! They’ve caught up to the most recent ones. And we’ve been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where we have no idea who’s who or what. So, this vacation they are looking forward to going back and know what’s going on. 😊

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  2. Great post! As huge Star War fans live in my house………that is a saying that is repeated, among others, in this house………..but I never really thought about the connection with my chronic illness……..great insight!

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    1. Thank you Wendi! My kids are quickly becoming fans. We’ve visited Hollywood Studios and have met a few ‘characters.’ But we haven’t understood the concept of the whole Star Wars franchise. It’s phenomenal to finally understand and start putting things together.

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      1. I would strongly suggest watching the movies in chronological order………it’s a whole weekend of movies and if you are having a bad weekend, it makes staying inside so much easier.
        again…….wonderful post!

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      2. Oh the kids would love that! Yes, we’ve been trying to do that. However, we’ve been having a hard time finding them, most are we’ve found only on Amazon and not Netflix. I don’t know why, Netflix doesn’t have them.

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  3. The hardcore Star Wars fans would have a heart attack over the Phantom Menace! It is the most loathed in the Star Wars universe.

    We had a Star Wars marathon before The Last Jedi came out in theaters in December. They’re so awesome! We went to see the new Han Solo movie, which was pretty good, too.

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    1. Haha! Really?! Wow. Seeing that I’m fairly new to the ‘game’ I didn’t see what there was to loath about. I really don’t. But, seeing you are a fan, I’d have to see it in your eyes to agree. I’m still not done watching them, but I don’t think its too far fetched to say, all the movies would be good in their own unique way.

      But thank you for your two cents, I appreciate it none the less. 😊🙏🏽


      1. I don’t personally hate it. I think it’s a sweet movie for the most part and like how they get progressively darker as…well, I don’t want to spoil anything. Some folks are super hard core, though!

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      2. I’m enjoying them from the beginning of it all. I’ve visited Orlando – Hollywood Studios and feel so in the dark with all the ‘characters.’ I’m excited to continue to see what these fans love so much about the movies. Yes! Haha! I’ve seen them, in full get up and all – kudos to them! 😊🙌🏽

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