Happy Meme Monday: When You Have More Than One Child – Or Two

If there’s something to know about what happens when I walk out my door with my tribe, is that we can get a lot of attention and often times, not the good kind of attention – facial expressions, whispering, you name it, it’s happened! Do you get that or is just me? No, yes – just me?! Haha!

So, it’s happened where a complete stranger will stop me and ask me if the children are all mine, to which I’ll respond with something along these lines …. because, hey, no harm in playing along with what seems to be peoples worst nightmares come to reality in form of mwua.

Related image

I never did have twins – only what seems to be a couple sets in the mix!

Hope you have a great Monday.


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19 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: When You Have More Than One Child – Or Two”

  1. When my daughter was younger and we would go to the mall and she would get tired so I would let her sit in my lap and drive my scooter I would get stares of pity that my daughter had a mom like me and I would think to myself …my daughter is having a blast what is wrong with you people. She’s driving a scooter in her mom’s lap and knows no different!!!
    I think it’s awesome that you have your tribe of loved ones

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    1. I get that too Bethany! Yes! 🤦🏽‍♀️ At Disney especially, when we are there on vacation, I’ll normally need to rent an ECV – scooter, but of course, I look like a normal young mom. They have no idea I’m living with chronic pain. So, I’ll get the looks, the ‘you’re lazy’ look or ‘why are you on a scooter’ look. My kids know I’m in pain, but they love their mom none the less, scooter or not.
      And yes! They want to ride with mom! I think it’s an easy way out to assume things from the exterior of someones appearance. But doing that will only lead you to judging someone for no reason.


      1. So true. So much judgment out there. I don’t know where that comes from, how people become that way. I just send love and prayers in my mind to any person I see that I think may be struggling I don’t speculate.

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    1. That’s great! I’m busy and blessed! I just saw my kids as adults flash before me at those ages – not sure if my heart can handle that! People say while they’re young it’s the toughest time. I like to think it’s the opposite – it’s the easiest time while they’re young. I’d like them to stay little for a really really really long time! 😊🙏🏽 Thank you, likewise.

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      1. Younger, older, just didn’t challenges. My youngest, a boy; we got a double portion with him… strong willed, even to this day! But they are still a joy!

        P.S. Your heart will be just fine, But God! 😊

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      2. Yes, different ages come with different challenges. The younger they are, the smaller the problems are, the older they are, the bigger the problems. It’ll all be worth it! Thank you, They really are a joy 😊🙏🏽

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  2. Read your bio today- WOW the similarities! My daughter works with autistic children, & my son had a syrinx the size of a thumb with no symptoms- we had no idea he had a Chiari until he collapsed at the age of 5 with an unrelated brain bleed- an AVM (arterial venous malformation). A scan showed the Chiari/syrinx & he underwent emergency decompression surgery. Three weeks in the hospital & he came home with left side paralysis, which subsided after years of PT/OT. He’s now 16 & completely healed, with a scarred up head only to show for his war wounds. God is GOOD!
    You’re a busy lady; will be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!

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    1. Wow. So insane, so glad he’s ok now. God is so good. Yes, they’ve gone through the back of my head twice, once for the decompression due to Chiari and the other time for laminectomy due to Syringomyelia. I did the PT and OT from decompression, had to learn it all, all over again, from lifting my foot up the side walk, to going up stairs, to laying down in bed. I’m still relatively numb on my left side, but if there’s a bright side, I’m a righty. Thank you so much, likewise. So happy that your son is well! Those are the ever so rare cases. 😊🙏🏽

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