Happy Meme Monday: Parenting As Told By Tom Hanks

If there’s something to be said about parenting is that it’ll surely change as time goes by, for the better or worse – who am I, to spoil the surprise?! But if you must know one more thing, yes, your sanity will be jeopardized.

Image result for meme on parenting

I’d say he got this one right, as close to what it’s like as he possibly could! Who else feels like they should just be talking to ‘Wilson’ and not a little human?! Yes, me too, me too.

Hope you have a great Monday.


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      1. I’ve be sleeping 3-5 hours for 20+ years, it doesn’t bother me! By the way, Mother’s Day has passed, well; it’s Mother’s Day for you everyday. Read my post; A Mother, I believe it will bless you! God bless!

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