Nail File Friday’s: Marshmallow from Essie

I have to tell you that although I love my dark shades, you know, the reds, the maroons, the grays, I still have a deep connection with the white nail polish. My go-to is the Marshmallow white nail shade from Essie.

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Nail Polish Used: Essie Marshmallow (white)

Nail Tools Used: Nail Brush for cleaning the sides of the nails

I love this! There’s nothing like a good white polish. This look has the following steps – if you haven’t seen my how to on nail polish it has useful steps on how to prepare your nails for the perfect at home nail polish.

Step One:  1 Coat of ‘Seche’ Base Coat

Step Two:  3 Coats of the Marshmallow Nail Polish – 3 coats for a brighter white (three strokes per coat on each nail)

Step Three:  1 Coat – ‘Out The Door’ Top Coat

This is optional ….

‘Cuccio’ Cuticle Oil – Milk & Honey  – Cuticle oil will avoid your cuticles from drying that can happen from the nail acetone, it helps keep your cuticles moisturized

Hope you have a great Friday!


Photo: TJ Dragotta


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9 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: Marshmallow from Essie”

      1. NYAC, so I did this look last week, Wednesday night – it began to chip this morning! Time for a change! It’s more or less the time frame the polish usually lasts. However, keep in mind I wash my hands, A LOT – plenty of dirty diapers around here to change. So, if they don’t last this long, I don’t blame them! If my little tribe permits, I should be able to change the color tonight! Hope this helped.


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