Nail File Friday’s: Easy Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nail Art For Girls

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In the spirit of my families Disney trip, it’s only right that I include our Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse inspired nails in today’s edition of ‘Nail File Friday’s.’ It’s easy and I must say, if you haven’t purchased the Nail Brush & Dotter tool, you must! It makes doing nail art so fast and easy.

All Nail Polish Used For Looks: Essie Blanc (white), Really Red (red), Mod Square (pink) and Licorice (black) and any glitter polish, here I used a silver glitter nail polish

All Nail Tools Used For Looks: Nail Brush + Dotter  for cleaning the sides of the nails – simply dip the brush in acetone and dotter for making the dots, toothpicks for drawing the Minnie Mouse bow and aluminum foil to place a few drops of the color that will be used for nail art.

On myself …. Glitter nail polish on ring fingers, white nail polish on middle finger and red nail polish on the rest of the fingers. Using black nail polish and the dotter tool, on one middle finger I created mini Mickey Mouse and on the other middle finger dots. The rest of the fingers, using the white nail polish I created dots with the dotter tool.

For my oldest daughter …. Use the red nail polish on all fingers,except the ring finger, here I used the white nail polish. Also on the ring finger, using a toothpick and the black nail polish, I created a Minnie Mouse bow.

Tip: When doing dots, work from the middle of the nail and then out, going in a zig zag pattern. And for the bow, using the toothpicks and black nail polish draw the outline of the bow first and then fill in the inside. After placing a few drops on the aluminum foil of the nail polish that will be used for the nail art, if you notice the nail polish is a little sticky, put some more and wipe the dotter tool clean with acetone after each use.

For my toddler …. After painting all the finger nails in pink, I created a Mickey Mouse using the black nail polish only on the thumb and pinkie fingers. On the rest of the nails, using the dotter, I used the white nail polish to create dots.


For my niece …. Use the pink nail polish on all fingers, except the ring finger, here I used the white nail polish. I created a Mickey Mouse to an angle of the nail using the black nail polish, on the rest of the nails, I created white dots, using the white polish and the dotter tool.

For my toddler niece ….Use the pink nail polish on all fingers and on all except the ring fingers, using the white nail polish and the dotter tool place dots. On the ring finger, I made a tiny Mickey Mouse using the white nail polish and then black dots using the dotter tool.

2018-08-08 15.33.03

Steps for general nail polish with nail art:

Step One:  1 Coat of ‘Seche’ Base Coat

Step Two:  2 Coats of base nail polish

…. Allow the nail polish to completely dry before doing any nail art ….

Step Three:  Allow nail art to completely dry before applying top coat

Step Four:  1 Coat of ‘Out The Door’ Top Coat

This is optional ….

‘Cuccio’ Cuticle Oil – Milk & Honey  – Cuticle oil will avoid your cuticles from drying that can happen from the nail acetone, it helps keep your cuticles moisturized

Have a great Friday!


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26 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: Easy Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nail Art For Girls”

    1. Haha! Why not?! My brothers family is in Florida on vacation from Minnesota and has two ‘nail painting loving’ girls, I feel like I’m not painting nail multiple times a week. 😆 So fun! Hey! I’m 30 something, anything goes at the most wonderful place on earth! I rocked it! 😊👍🏼💅🏽 Go for it

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      1. 🙋🏽‍♀️ that’s me! Coming home extremely exhausted, and placing at least the bags in the ‘designated rooms.’ However, bathroom and kitchen things, I unpack and place them right where they belong. The result of my madness, a very exhausted mama! Why are we like this?! Am I neurotic?! Perhaps but why aren’t dads like this? 😆🤷🏽‍♀️

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      2. I do that as well. Laundry follows next. The empty bags go back to their designated cabinets. I grew up with my mum and grandma, imbibing what they do 😁 I guess we are neurotic 😆

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      3. Lol that’s me! You’re absolutely right. My daughter and I walked into a home yesterday, we leave, get in the car and she turns to me and says, why was that home so messy? The children see and mimic your behavior.

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    1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. So sweet, yes, my girls are at an age now, where we can all enjoy doing them together. And there’s nothing like being able to match while their still young, so fun! 😊


      1. It’s a wonderful age! My daughter also loves to watch youtube videos on fixing hair, braids and different hair styles…..we enjoy the time together! 😊😍🤗


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