Nail File Friday’s: Negative Space Black French Manicure

I don’ know if I’m late to the party but either way, I’m officially hooked on the ease of this nail art and the many different ways you can take this. Because as they say, the possibilities are endless. I just recently found out about the ‘negative space’ nail art craze. I have to say, I’m on board, completely! With all my little ones, the still on going back to school preparations and home life, this ‘negative space’ nail art is just what a busy mom needs in her life!

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Essie Nail Polish Used: Essie Under The Twilight (dark purple) I had originally wanted to also use Anchor Down (gray-blue tone) but then opted not to, hence the pictures.

Nail Tools UsedNail Brush and Avery Reinforcement Labels or you can also try these French Manicure Stickers – Mix Styles such beautiful styles for a ‘French’ style manicure, works as an easy guide for a non-professional nail gal like myself.

What is this ‘negative space’ nail trend you ask? The idea is basically to have your natural nail incorporated in your nail art, to have your uncolored nail showing through – amazing right?! I mean unpainted nails, on trend?! Yes, finally, hassle free nail art! As you can see here, I did it by doing a basic french manicure and having it look not so basic.

Steps for general nail polish with nail art:

Step One:  1 Coat of ‘Seche’ Base Coat

Step Two:  This is really self explanatory but one thing that really helps me when doing a french manicure is using the reinforcement labels, simply cut them in half and place them on top of the nail, making sure you are gently pressing on the corners so they are well placed on the nail, apply the nail polish and remove the labels while the polish is still wet, clean up the sides of the nail by simply dipping the nail brush in acetone. I applied a full coat of nail polish on the thumbs. Tip: While you have the label on your nail, apply one coat of the nail polish, remove the sticker and carefully go back and apply a second coat of the nail polish.

…. Allow the nail art to completely dry ….

Step Three:  Allow nail art to completely dry before applying top coat to avoid smudging

Step Four:  1 Coat of ‘Out The Door’ Top Coat

This is optional ….

‘Cuccio’ Cuticle Oil – Milk & Honey  – Cuticle oil will avoid your cuticles from drying that can happen from the nail acetone, it helps keep your cuticles moisturized

Have a great Friday!


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11 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: Negative Space Black French Manicure”

    1. Lol, my hands shake! I have to rest my hand all the time when painting. Otherwise it’d all look like my 4 year old went to town on my nails. So, negative space, Yesss Please! Try the stickers for a guide, and the nail brush to remove the excess nail polish. So good! 😊🙌🏽


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