The First Day Of School – Poem From A Teacher To A Parent

Have your little ones – or not so little ones, begun school? My little ones went back to school this week and it’s been quite the ride for my four year old. The first day, she was ecstatic, there were no words to express her excitement to finally be able to attend school with her older siblings. However, she arrived home not understanding why there were children crying in her classroom. As much as we’ve tried to calm her heart, she isn’t liking what she’s seeing. It can truly be an adjustment for some children, especially for first time students – like my daughter. As teachers have in the past told me, preschoolers will often take about a week to adjust, that’s what I’m hoping for her.

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I can understand why people would assume that since there is a tiny tribe behind me, that I am somewhat numb to many ‘firsts’ my little ones experience. But that is far from the truth. I’m experiencing firsts with each and every one of them. As much as they are siblings, as much as they may have the same features, maybe even mannerisms, they are so different. They are individuals, they even cry different – as only their own parent would know, they talk different, they even handle situations differently, some are shy and some even far more sensitive than the other. My oldest although entering the sixth grade – the dreaded middle school, she is also experiencing many ‘firsts’ and as a parent, I am experiencing it all with her.

I wanted to share with you today a poem given to me by my four year old’s preschool teacher. It served as a reminder that teachers understand the adjustment isn’t only experienced by the child, but also the parent. So, whether you have one, two or a tiny tribe like mine, every experience with our children is our first. And I have a feeling, that will never change.

‘The First Day Of School’ – From A Teacher To A Parent

I gave you a little wink and smiled

As you entered my room today

For I know how hard it is to leave

And know your child must stay. 

You’ve been with her for four years now

And have been a loving guide,

But now, alas, the time has come

To leave her at my side.

Just know that as you drive away

And tears down your cheeks may flow

I’ll love her as I would my own

And help her learn and grow.

From as a parent, I too know

How quickly the years do pass

And that own say soon it will be my turn

To take my child to class.

So please put your mind at ease

And cry those tears no more

For I will love her and take her in 

When you leave her at my door.


From A Teacher To A Parent

Have a wonderful day. I pray that your children have a phenomenal school year.



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24 thoughts on “The First Day Of School – Poem From A Teacher To A Parent”

  1. This was so adorable and beautifully written ❤️
    My mom told me that I was a super social kid and made friends really easy and was the teacher’s favourite . I still am the same, and as a student of grade 11, I realise that I’ll be leaving school soon and it’s so bittersweet.💓

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    1. Thank you, I thought it was beautifully written as well 😊🙏🏽

      Awe! So sweet. I’m sure you’re an amazing girl. Yes, that must be bittersweet. When you enjoy things as much as you’ve enjoyed your journey through school, it can absolutely be bittersweet.

      But there will be such happy memories to look back on for so many years to come. 💕

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  2. That’s the sweetest thing a teacher could do.

    My mother tells me when I joined school first I was so excited and didn’t shed a tear. She was unhappy that I was so happy to leave her comfort and rush to school 😀

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    1. Awe! Thank you Kathy! My oldest yearned for her sister, after two pregnancies with boys, with my fourth pregnancy I told her we’d keep it a surprise, for the first time – not know the gender. It was tough for me not to ask the doctor what we were having, but I didn’t. Meanwhile, my oldest continued to pray everyday for a sister. When someone would ask her what her mommy was having, she’d say, my baby sister – we didn’t know. After a chaotic morning, placenta rupture and being rushed to the ER bleeding, they put me under general anesthesia and in the OR for emergency c-section. When I woke up, they told me I’d had a baby girl. I could only think of my oldest at that moment and how her prayers had been answered, she got her sister. And today, they’re inseparable. 😊🙏🏽

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  3. Awweee that was super sweet of the teacher to acknowledge the parents because it is hard. Its so hard and I’m only at a daycare level 😂. I also agree that you experience many firsts’ even if you have more than 1 child because every child is different. Kids look great momma Chiari. I hope the first week ended with all smiles for all of you guys 🤗

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    1. Lol! I was never at day care level, they just threw me in the lions den from day one. Eek! Yes, we should definitely acknowledge that with each of our children, the experiences is our first all over again. Thank you so much, tomorrow is the end of our first week!
      1 week down, 18 more years to go! ✔️😳😆

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  4. I don’t get to experience these issues… it’s kind of a good thing and a bad thing..

    I was the kid that hated my parents leaving me lol. School was just an awkward place for me. Glad those days are over! 😆

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    1. We all live through different experiences with our children. You are no different and you are blessed!
      Ugh! I always cried! Lol Yes! While some enjoyed school, I didn’t for the most part. I was a good student, even joined a few clubs, but the social aspect of it all really affected me. Finally my sophomore year, I was released from school and placed in home school. I loved it, the social pressures were off and I could concentrate in school.
      Haha! Yes 🙌🏽 So glad all that’s behind me!

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