Happy Meme Monday: Let’s Compare Headaches

If you or someone you know has Chiari Malformation or any other illness that is followed by chronic pain, you know the hard task of having to explain the illness to people. That dreaded moment of having to explain how you feel, how it affects your life,  sometimes even after you’ve told these same people that your illness has no cure – multiple times! Not to mention trying really hard to tell them about your pain levels, headaches and what you have to live with, in such a way that won’t scare the Jesus out of them!

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It doesn’t stop there, because even after you’ve explained the type of pounding headaches you have, they then proceed to tell you about their headaches. Because they think it compares to yours and how sharing that with you somehow will comfort you – yes, this meme is for you!

Happy Monday.


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Mom Life With Chiari

Living with Chiari 1 Malformation and Syringomyelia since 2013.

42 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Let’s Compare Headaches”

    1. 🙏🏽 I’m humbled! Thank you so much for the recognition. You shouldn’t have … but since you didddddd 🙌🏽
      Likewise, I share the same feelings with you dearest TEC, your strength and the love you speak of for you family is the sweetest thing! You are a man of God and that is both a blessing and amazing. 😊🙏🏽


    1. Yes, the questions when the illness is too complex for me included, is both thoughtful and overwhelming. I get it, people are curious, but when my days are more bad than they are good, even having a ‘normal’ conversation can bring on unwanted symptoms.

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  1. May we try to just walk in that person’s shoes for just a minute. It is always better to love love, and listen, listen. I cannot imagine chronic pain…..it takes strength and courage all the time. Praying GOD gives you much of those. Praying for you!

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    1. It’s great to know there are still people out there willing to be respectful enough to not ask questions. I know people are curious and are wanting to ask questions. But when you don’t know when parents as yourself, are willing to answer the questions on that particular day, it’s best not to at all. You know?! So, that’s why, they’re doing good, not asking questions and keeping it moving.
      I’m sure he’s adorable. 😊🙏🏽

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  2. I have been praying for you a lot and since my insomnia is often, I get more time to spend in prayer. Let me know how your appointments go this week. Big hugs and lots of love. 🤗🙏❤

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  3. Hello Ana I just wanted to leave a message for you. I know we are part of groups with diseases that others do not understand. There are actually people who understand and have the knowledge of most diseases. There are doctors of course right lol The ones who do know are usually nurses. They are smart because most of the work is done by those gifted individuals on wards and emergency floors etc through out the hospitals. I learned a lot this summer in my homes away from home. Hope you have fun reading this post to you Ana. God bless you and ask him for anything in Jesus Christs name and you receive it. Love James Best

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    1. Indeed He does, He listens and has mercy towards this weak child of His. Thank you James. Yes, I’ve come across doctors that have no knowledge of Chiari and others with some knowledge. It took me a few years until I finally came across a true specialist in Chiari – heaven sent! Yes, nurses, so special. These professions are a true testament of when the God given talent is put to good use.
      I appreciate your comment James, glad to see you on here and hope you are continuing your recovery from surgery. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Hello Ana I am happy to read your comment above here. I am sorry you suffered for a few years with chiari before finding a true Heaven sent Doctor. I agree with what you say about God given talent in nurses and those health professions. I am continuing my recovery from surgery still. I have bad chest pains and it is hard to handle. I need my doctor to help me with more pain meds. I am waiting for a call to see if he will decide to help me again. I wish you all the best. I am happy to be here and trying to write more often these days. God bless you and your family Ana !!

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      2. Thank you James. I want to say, it happens too often, you find a doctor that claims they have knowledge on your condition when in fact they don’t specialize in it. Thankfully that’s behind me and I have a good team now. Oh no! I hope you get relief from the pain soon! And also, as you may know, one thing I try to do with my meds is try to already do the refill when I see I am down to only 3 pills. It’ll keep me from going too long without the meds. I pray that they call you back soon and they’re able to call in those meds in for you. I will keep you in my prayers. Likewise, God bless you and continue to help you, especially during this recovery time. 🙏🏽

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      3. Thank you so much Ana ! I know that some times waiting for pain relief sucks. I get a dossette of my medications each Saturday. They are put in according to the times I take them each day. I have two supplements I take at noon everyday. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. You are in my prayers Ana and your family.

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      4. Yes! And even then when you start medication, it takes time to take effect and you feel the relief – if any. You’re welcome James, hope you are finding time to rest. I know for me it’s difficult, but I know my body will shut down if I haven’t rested enough.
        Thank you so much! 😊🙏🏽

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      5. I do admit I sleep lots everyday. I usually get pain which puts me to sleep. Like blacking out from the effects on my body and soul. Thank you very much Ana for your kind thoughtful words !!

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  4. I understand this so well Ana. I have stopped trying to explain my condition to people because I’ve learned most can’t understand and don’t try and I was so upset about that, it made me feel worse, like a cycle of emotional and physical pain. So, I stay quiet and only tell details to my mama. Big hugs sweetie and prayers. Xoxo🤗

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    1. Haha! Yes, only moms have the patience to really have an interest in what we’re going through. I’m in the space where people ask how I’m doing, and I answer the same – I’m good. Not to sound ungrateful for life and all the blessing, but, am I good, not really. I think physically I could be doing better, am I better, not really. But that’s also ok because this is the new version of me. I’m learning to accept it. So, glad you can relate Vivian! Thank you 😊🙏🏽

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  5. I had recently noticed that I had this problem of telling other people about my own conditions/situations, thinking that it would make them feel better – but then realized that I was somehow seeming to compare my own issues with theirs and making mine sound even worse. Oy! So this is a good reminder post to be a good listener instead. Thanks, Chiari.

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    1. Thank you, yes! I think trying to make others understand, is a battle either way – they want to understand, but the illness is so complex anyway! It’s quite nice that people want to know, but at the end I think both parties become nervous and frustrated. I’m trying to explain my illness while the other is hearing me speak in tongues – lost cause. 🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏽

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