Reblog Wednesday: Badass — Real Life of an MSW

There have been so many moments in my life where there has been self doubt. The moments where I think of doing something and I hold myself back. Because as the saying goes, ‘I am my own worst critic.’

The negative thoughts often are too hard to avoid and the positives are often hard to believe.

If I’ve ever thought of starting to live, to breathe, to be free in my own skin, I think that time is now. The time to take the leap, the jump, that jump that’s going to take me to where I want to be, that time is now. I was reading a story on a Texan woman police officer, she was and still holds the record for being the oldest woman to ever been sworn in the academy in her city, at the age of 54. Her story was both astonishing as it was inspiring.

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In the few months that I’ve been blogging many have touched my heart, inspired me and motivated me, as living with Chiari + Syringomyelia can really take a toll to ones spirit. But as I battle my days with chronic pain, this post by Real Life Of An MSW was a great reminder of the abilities that lies within a woman. It reads, ‘a badass woman starts her projects …. doesn’t wait for an invitation.’ This here reminded me of how regardless of my physical pain, everyday I still need to continue to push through – keep pushing. Since I began my journey here – I’ve surprised myself more than anyone, I’ve open an online shop and just very recently Simple Nail Designs – my YouTube channel.

What the mind can overcome when the will to thrive rises.

It’s also a reminder that a woman is far greater than anything, far greater than she can even imagine, she’s strong, she’s powerful, she’s determined, because she’s simply, ‘a badass.’

Happy Wednesday.


A Badass woman doesn’t wait for people to ask her to do something or notice how great she is, she says. She starts her projects, take up space, or raise her hand because she doesn’t have to wait for an invitation. -Jennifer Baumgardener Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your likes […]

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22 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Badass — Real Life of an MSW”

  1. And that reminded me of Kathryn Stockett’s ‘The Help’. There was a line that runs thus,

    ‘Maybe I ought to keep writing, not just for the paper, but something else, about all the people I know, and all the things I seen and done. Maybe I ain’t too old to start over, I think and I laugh and I cry at the same time at this. Cause just last night I thought I was finished with everything new.’ 🙂

    Ain’t this just apt! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome Vivian! Thank you as well, we lift each other. Lord knows we have more bad days, than there are good.
      And we don’t have to rush, or hit the ground running. We don’t – we can’t, our bodies won’t allow us to, it’ll shut down, and we both know how that ends. If we have a plan, have short term goals, and build from there, we’ll be more determined to make it happen. No pressure, just the will to do it, that’s all, God will take care of the rest! I was starting to feel the work load of just simply having this blog and the YouTube channel. And before I could convince myself to quit one of them, I stopped myself and regrouped! What’s best for me?! What schedule works best for me?! How can I make it easier for me, less stressful, more doable?! Because what works for someone else, doesn’t work for my body. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Yes, I had a great day yesterday but I can only wonder when my body will get cranky with me again. I understand the feelings of being overwhelmed. With blogging and homeschooling I wonder if I’m taking on too much? My old Viv wars with my new Viv. The broken me wants so much to be whole but the whole me us still in there, it just can’t beat off the broken me. Does this make sense? Oh, I would be so sad if you quite blogging. Yikes, just mentioning it scares me but you can only do so much and I’ve learned that if I don’t listen to my body, then it will shout at me. I only blog once or twice a week. Not only that, my posts are done weeks before, waiting in WordPress to be published because I need time and my daughter is so busy as to not always be available to help with all my grammatical boo boos.

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      2. Yes! I battle that too Vivian! Bouncing back and forth, remembering the days when cooking was fun and not a chore, when standing didn’t take a toll on my legs and back. It’s accepting, because I have those moments, I realize I haven’t fully accepted the new me. Once I accept her, I’ll be happy with her. I change my diagnosis, but I can change the way I think of it.
        Yes, I’m broken, sometimes literally, my body and head hurt so bad, it even hard to keep my eyes open. But He’s with us, He’s encouraging us, He’s giving us reason after reason why as to keep fighting – our families.
        Very true, a schedule does help a ton! I’ve built one here, I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if I’m feeling up for it, then I’ll post in between. It’s all depending on how my body feels that day. And organizing myself and building an achievable goal. I’ve been recording for the YouTube channel after the kids go to bed at night, trying to edit at night also. And loading on YouTube the next morning after the kids leave to school, at about 7am. I do work on that and then go back to bed. So far it’s working! 😊🙏🏽
        Maybe you should write your posts on Word, so that the spell check feature can help you and then just copy and paste on a ‘WordPress’ post. That’s what I’ve done for YouTube, for the body / description. I pre-wrote body, of course not all videos are the same, but at least the bulk of it, is pre-written. 😊🙌🏽

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      3. Ya know, I think though we need to keep pushing through with our blogs Ana because I find the healing aspects of blogging far outweighs the stress. I feel so much happier which in turn gives me more energy. It could just be nervous energy but as long as it’s energy I don’t care which kind of energy it is. Lol!! I was so shattered and depressed prior to blogging. Yes, I should download Word on my phone. My only internet is on my phone as we live in the woods (dead zone) and only have phones no computer. Good idea precious!!! Thank you!!! You’re always so helpful!!! 😚😚

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      4. Yes, you’re definitely right with the blog. It does give me something so positive to look forward to.
        Yes, OR on your ‘Notes’ app, my app had the spell check, so that may help also, just write there and save it. Then just copy and paste on a new post on WP. You wouldn’t have to download anything else on your phone.

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