Happy Meme Monday: House of Lost Things

Does this happen to you, or does this only happen in my household or perhaps you remember this from when you were younger. Why is it that moms are the only ones that can track lost things in the home?! It can be anything from batteries, to socks and shoes, to toys, to their favorite blanket. When something is no where to be found, kids don’t waste a minute before simply asking mom where it is or where to find it. Mom’s have the ability to remember where things were last placed or last seen, and can remember this for a long period of time. It’s a talent – it has to be!

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Here’s to not worrying about looking for things, because mom can always find it!

Happy Monday!


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50 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: House of Lost Things”

  1. Moms/wives….kind of the same thing, right? Whenever I am clueless to a recently lost item all I have to do is talk about buying a new one and bingo…..she finds it. I will always be amazed.

    Great post and so true. 🙂

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  2. This is so true. Our son is like a squirrel without the nut store map. Things just disappear.. His mum had a sixth sense and could track things down almost immediately. On the other hand, not a clue and to be fair I’m as bad at misplacing stuff. The house is now like a mystery garden.

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  3. This made me crazy when my kids were still living at home. Fast forward to being an empty nester and I thought the days of “I can’t find it ness” was over, but that wasn’t to be! My husband has since picked up the slack. And to top it off, he can only find something if it is EXACTLY where I told him to look, NOT a half inch away from where I said it is. Good thing he is cute!

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    1. Lol good thing! oh my goodness you are too funny! I find the same thing goes on with my husband. If I tell him to look somewhere, he’ll come back and say it’s not there, however I’ll go back and check and find it! Oh dear baby Jesus help us! Haha!

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