Reblog Wednesday: Pit Stop — Real Life of an MSW

This post here gave me a good laugh. I enjoy so much the comic strips from Real Life Of An MSW but this one here I just had to share. I’m not one to do our grocery shopping – shocker, I know, but I’m always so amazed when my husband does the shopping and comes back with exactly what was on our list. I mean, really?! I can’t do that to save my life! I mean I go in there with the thought of getting five items and come out with ten, that according to my logic they are absolutely ‘necessary.’ And don’t get me started on shopping for the children, I’ll go in there and purchase everything in the clearance rack because, well, they were on the ‘clearance rack.’ I know! My next mission in life is to stop the overspending, yeah, because it’s no bueno.


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via Pit Stop — Real Life of an MSW

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22 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Pit Stop — Real Life of an MSW”

  1. Yes! But they benefit too, they come out with candy or something! I really can’t go to the stores with my oldest son though. He’s a stickler for getting exactly what we went to the store for, no more, no less. But, hey, he’ll help you stay in budget. Lol

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      1. Very true, it happens! But then I have to think fast before I get home for reasons as to why I don’t have it because it’s usually for being too distracted by other non-listed things. So, I get home and say, ‘Target’ was out of stock! Lol

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      2. Lol! Guilty! I was telling Winnie, if you want to stay within budget, you need to go to the store with my oldest son. He will go to the store for exactly what we went there for. He’s going to drive his wife nuts one day! lol

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      3. My grandma was the worst!! She would stroll down every single aisle even if she didn’t need anything off it. It was a dreaded experience. Going grocery shopping was an all day event…

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