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I couldn’t pass this day without sharing another great blogger and an even greater post! If I may remind you, Jubilee and I collaborated in creating Dear 15 Year Old Me Tag – if you haven’t read that, you must and if you’d like to participate – please do!

This post touched my heart and touched ‘home.’ I know this isn’t an issue women face, but something that both men and women struggle with – weight. The topic of weight, weight loss, weight gain, is a serious topic and one that needs a greater voice. As a teen I had image issues, I’m a Spanish girl and with that comes areas of my body that as a teen I refused to accept. Therefore, in return I made it my mission to do everything possible to lose weight. It was a downward spiral, vicious and dangerous. I went as far as using laxatives to lose the weight. Thankfully, this horrible routine didn’t last long. Today I’m in a better place, I remind myself that this body has incubated, nourished, and carried six healthy babies. And no, I’m no where near a size 2, but my family, my babies don’t see their mama in numbers but rather see her with love. They will love me as a size 2 or 20 all the days of my life.


I killed my scale(with a hammer to be exact). Extreme? Maybe. Necessary for me? Absolutely. How It Started In the past, I have shared my process of o… 1,021 more words

via I Killed My Scale (And Took Back My Life) — Everyday Magic With Jubilee

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38 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: I Killed My Scale (And Took Back My Life) — Everyday Magic With Jubilee”

  1. I’m not 100% happy with myself. There’s a lot I’d change. I’m very different and because of that most either don’t like me or think I’m weird… But, at least I’m real.

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    1. I think most will share the same feelings about themselves. I think this world has become very superficial. It’s about how you look, how much you weigh, and how much money you have, very sad!
      If someone has ever walked in your shoes, been to the places you’ve been, they wouldn’t have the audacity to judge you. The only opinion that matters is yours and your wife and child – no one else. Everyone else can take a hike.

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      1. Haha! Oh! Speaking of people judging you no matter what you do. Had a doctors appt, I fill out the forms that asks every detail of your life, of course it asks, how many pregnancies, I write x6. I get called, give the paper to the nurse, she’s reading, and looks up and asks, do you have 6 kids, yes I do I respond, she asked, alive? I said, they all are, very much. As I’m waiting for the doctor, she takes it upon herself to let everyone who passed by know how many pregnancies I’ve had, ‘hey look, she’s got 6 kids.’ 😳🤦🏽‍♀️
        I think that you’re damned if you do, you’re damned you don’t. I also know large families are really not a big deal, yes it’s not too often seen but it’s nothing to announce to people that clearly haven’t asked. 😏

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      2. It’s like being put on the spot, like they’re making a spectacle of you. What business is it of theirs? Not their 6 kids! These things aggravate me.

        I’ve been doing well! Hope all of y’all have been well also!

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      3. Well Ana, I applaud you for having a blessed family! I have my son and he is all I need! And as long as we’re happy that’s all that matters!

        Except for the weird chocolate thing.. still can’t get over that… but you’re still my gooderest amiga!

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      4. Haha! Just got back from my preschoolers thanksgiving lunch. You’d be surprised how many parents were telling their kids that it was in fact chicken and not turkey on their plate! 😳🧐
        My daughter goes to me, mami is that chicken, I said, no it’s turkey. ☺️

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    1. Yes I did receive it, thank you!
      You’re not alone. It’s maybe an unforeseen injury, pregnancy, or simply negative thoughts of our own bodies, it can attack us for different reasons. I used to love running or even walking in the park with the kids in the stroller. Since my 2013 Chiari diagnosis, all that is impossible. My left leg has since then been numb and am at risk of falling.

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    1. The television, the media, people in the limelight, have a body image that is far from reality and that no everyday person can reach. Can I remind you that they have chefs, maids and trainers, of course it’s going to be achievable to reach a weight goal. But have someone that has a 9 to 5 and kids, to lose weight and it’ll be hard! You want to look like George Clooney and I, JLo aka Jennifer Lopez 😩😂 And you’re absolutely right, it’ll bring you down, it’ll hurt your spirit and all the positive thoughts you’ve had for yourself.
      We’re not perfect, our bodies aren’t perfect but our kids think we are, so that’s enough. 😊🙏🏽


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