Happy Meme Monday: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week, and it sure feels like the year has been flying by at a rapid speed –  not sure why?! I always feel like after Thanksgiving, every other holiday is literally right behind it. I’m not sure if it’s the same where you live, but where I live the stores have been setting up their Christmas decorations even before Halloween. So, today I thought I’d give you some memes to commemorate the special day.

Be thankful, be grateful, be blessed.

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Happy Monday!


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19 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Thanksgiving”

      1. You are going to really laugh at this, but our Thanksgiving will be a much, much more simple meal than what I normally cook. I am hosting for my sister and her family, who are all vegans, except her husband, and not only are they vegan, but they are all extremely picky eaters. So our Thanksgiving is not what i like it to be, except it is celebrated with family, and that’s what it is really all about.

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      2. Awe! Wow, it’ll be a challenge to make up the menu with a group like that. I have one picky little one and it’s a bit of a headache with just him.
        No matter what though, I agree, it’s the company that makes for a great gathering. Everything else, is icing on the cake.

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