Reblog Wednesday: Steve Harvey Cries Out to God in His Struggles: “This Too Shall Pass. Trouble Don’t Last Always.” — GODINTEREST – Christian digital media website exploring faith, culture and life

I’ve been keeping this post as a reminder that hard times don’t last. And I’m not only speaking in regards to financial troubles, but in general. I’m speaking about the times when you don’t feel good about yourself, times when you feel defeated, times when you feel lonely, times when you feel unloved and unworthy, times when you feel like things just happen to you and times when you feel like things are just never going to change for you. Those times.

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I’ll touch more about this later, briefly though, last week I had a complete thyroidectomy – or complete and total removal of my thyroid gland. This will mark my tenth surgery. And as much as I dislike hospitals, the smell, the cold air, the white coats and surgical lights, this surgery here was needed – but aren’t they all! I mention this because I had many moments that I wanted to put into question, the whys were so tempting. The why me, the why am I here again, the why am I in my mid-thirties yet feel like I’m in my mid-eighties. Those whys. Yet I was reminded of God’s infinite mercy and love for me. That he’s given me for one, health insurance, two, a great team of doctors, three, a supportive family and four, he continues to touch my life in a way so that I can look back and know that he doesn’t forget me – he’s right there with me! Because I tend to forget about him, I deviate from his path the moment things don’t go my way. Yet he continues to be so faithful to me. I also realize that – like all things in life, I can either see my illness as a curse or a blessing. And today I choose to see my illness as a blessing.

So, when you feel like you’re the only one feeling like this, living in a very complex situation, trying to figure out something so out of your reach, trying to fix something that just can’t seem to be fixed, remember you’re not alone – he’s got you.

And as Steve Harvey put it so well ….

‘Faith will get you through it because God’s going to make it alright …. because trouble don’t last always.’


failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share. – Steve Harvey

via Steve Harvey Cries Out to God in His Struggles: “This Too Shall Pass. Trouble Don’t Last Always.” — GODINTEREST – Christian digital media website exploring faith, culture and life

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10 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Steve Harvey Cries Out to God in His Struggles: “This Too Shall Pass. Trouble Don’t Last Always.” — GODINTEREST – Christian digital media website exploring faith, culture and life”

  1. You are so right, God is always there, ready to pick us up and trouble doesn’t last! The sun does shine!
    I pray for a complete and quick healing for you. I can relate to many surgeries. I had my 12th one this past Spring and I am only in my 40’s. I joke how there will be nothing left to remove from me once I am old!
    Keep hanging on To God’s promises, and feel His peace,even when it rains!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol oh my! I’m so glad you can relate! Ugh 😩
      Yes, I joke like that with my husband – what’s next?! I’m afraid to even say my stomach has been hurting, appendix perhaps 😳 😂 Geez! We’re going to be a whole new person by our 50’s!
      He’s there though, has never left our side. I agree! Thank you for your encouraging words, I appreciate them and find solace in them. 😊🙏🏽


      1. Lol, so blessed are you to have had your appendix removed! 😏
        Yes, we need it! My husband says, by the time they’re done with me and all the surgeries, he’ll be left with an arm. Eek! 😂
        But isn’t it true though?! We should just have them see everything and remove all the ‘unneeded’ parts of the human body! Let’s get this going all in one show! 🙌🏽🙋🏽‍♀️


      2. I totally agree! One big shabang! And have a party afterwards! No need to sing the blues, just throw a party. The blues is on my mind because of the blog post I just posted. “Singing the blues”, don’t worry, it’s not a sad blues! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have often joked too that by now I should have a hospital suite with my name on the door! I would like a hot tub in the room as well. LOL!
        Thanks for the “follow”, hope you enjoy the blog, its a little bit of everything. You just never quite know what you will get. Today’s post is an excerpt from a book that my friend and I co-authored together. Was so much fun!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That’s brilliant! For us surgery veterans, yes.
        Of course! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. And congrats to you on the book! That’s so exciting. Can’t wait to read it.
        Mine is a little of everything too, and my chronic pain. 😣 I have three days of the week where I’ll post, Meme Monday, Reblog Wednesday and Nail File Friday, because you know, this makes it easier to blog, because with chronic pain, you just never know what tomorrow’s going to feel like. 😣😊


      5. Yes, unfortunately, I can’t tell what tomorrow will ‘feel’ like – literally. Same here, so happy! Yes, get on that, how didn’t we think of this sooner is beyond me. I mean, let’s get past the pre-op appointments and paper work! 😂


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