Reblog Wednesday: Supreme — I refuse to give up

If it’s one of many things that I enjoy doing, is reading a good poem. The one that flows and touches the heart. Those are the greatest kind. This one here is by a fellow blogger Sakshi. It’s both touching and speaks the truth on the reality of love. Because many times I won’t be the easiest to love, to understand, but a true kind of love will be there regardless of what life may throw our way – and as Sakshi put it so well and I quote,

” ….. To embrace me

Not only on days when

I am at my best

But also in distress

When I am such a mess “

And if you enjoy poems as much as I do, take a look at her blog I Refuse To Give Up – it’s phenomenal!

Happy Wednesday.


I stick to my belief Love is supreme And the warmth of it’s heat Should dissolve every fear Vaporize every tear If we adhere For you will be there To embrace me Not only on days when I am at my best But also in distress When I am such a mess © Sakshi Gangwani […]

via Supreme — I refuse to give up

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101 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Supreme — I refuse to give up”

      1. I’ve kind of been struggling with it lately. How good it is, if it’s worth keeping on doing. I like it, just don’t know. I’m in a weird mood.

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      1. I’m so glad I met you. A lady who doesn’t like chocolate and never seen snow. You are a wonderland of amazement! Please tell me more! Lol!!!!

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      2. He’s one of my two VERY energetic boys. Always wanting to be doing something and always wanting to say something. He’s really smart – got honor roll, but he’s a chatter. I had never seen a ‘B’ grade until he began school – he’s now in 1st, same thing every year, doesn’t stop talking 🤦🏽‍♀️😏

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      3. I’ll take super tired. Long day, aside from making dinner, helped four with their homework, then my 11 year old also had her first Christmas show with band class – she plays keyboard. Then to get back home to finish homework. 🤔 Haha! I swear, when they graduate, I feel I’m graduating with them. 😏🤣 🎉

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