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This post I share with you today comes from Dr. Perry and it speaks on how loving yourself serves as a platform, sets the tone, as to how your friends will value your friendship in their lives. As I continue to grow older, I contemplate many times on the importance of self love and friendships. I also have come to understand that some friendships are not meant to remain in your life forever. This has even more truth when you live with Chiari Malformation + Syringomyelia, chronic pain is not for the faint of heart. And fortunately or not, you realize even more so when is the time to put an end on friendships that no longer serve well to your health and to your life in general. You know the friendships that bring on more stress than they do joy – those ‘friendships.’

I’ve realized that loving me, putting my feelings first, being compassionate for my own being, is far more important than any outside friendship. Because when you love yourself and know the value you bring as a friend when others don’t, I think that’s when it’s time to call it quits to a friendship that no longer brings positivity to your life and family. There will be a mourning period, but I simply wish them well and move on.

In this post here Dr. Perry, highlights the love and sympathy you should have for yourself, and asks, what kind of friend are you being to yourself? I think first and foremost be a friend to yourself to then know what to look for in friendships.

Written by Dr. Perry, PhD Image Credit: Pixabay “A friend is a gift you give yourself.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson What kind of friend are you? Are you attentive, kind and compassionate or, are you neglectful, uncaring and critical? Scrolling through quotes on the internet, I was reminded of the immense value we place on friendship. […]

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28 thoughts on “Are You a Good Friend to Yourself? — MakeItUltra™ Psychology”

  1. Very accurate! The more you love yourself, the better decisions you can make that are good and healthy for you and your friend. I just ended a friendship very dear to me and we still wish each other the world. This is beautiful and sends out a vibration of love that I am sure will come back to you like a boomerang, just in another physical form. Uncomfortable changes can bring amazing growth.

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    1. I agree! There is reason to wish them ill thoughts. Simply wish them the best and walk away.
      I love that, ‘uncomfortable changes can bring amazing growth.’ Yes, with each experience we find growth within ourselves.
      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate it. 😊🙏🏽

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  2. This is so true.”Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you engage in”. I’ve also talked about this relationship in my blog..thank you dear.

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  3. Such a great post. I have been dealing with mental health issues over many years that have severely impacted my self love and confidence. I don’t have too many friends and the one’s I do have, I have had since middle school which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes I see people out and about while I’m at home with my daughter and feel really lame and bored with life. It’s hard sometimes but thanks for sharing this post! It reminded me to continue to try and love myself.

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    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful. You’re not alone. With not only mental health but overall life, as we grow we must shed, we can’t take everyone with us. And what we shed are often friendships. We can’t take everyone with us, some people / friends will keep us from growing and so we must put them behind us. And that’s ok.
      Your life now is your daughter – you and your daughter. You being able to get healthy to be fully present for her. Unfortunately not many people will understand mental health issues, and that’s ok too. They don’t have to. But you need to get to a place where your health is thriving a little more each day before you can worry about any outside noise / people. You have enough to worry about, you have enough on your plate with just yourself and your daughter.
      Don’t count how many friends you have, heck, I think each year I lose one, I’m down to maybe 2.
      It’s not about the quantity, but quality. It’s not lame at all! The world will tell you to have tons of friends, why?! If they’re not contributing something positive in your life, why have them in your life? No, don’t listen to the world, as often times they’ll do us more harm than good.
      Continue on the path of self love, self compassion and patience. Having children, we can easily put ourselves last. But having mental issues myself – depression and anxiety, I can’t afford not to listen to my body and ignore the signals and red flags. Listen to it, it’ll save you hardships.
      Many hugs to you. 😊🙏🏽

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    1. You’re not alone there! I do it too many times to count. I don’t realize how much my body has gone through and continue to get me through.
      I want to try to do better by it, as it’s the only body I have. Be more loving, patient and really listen to it. Often times, I push my body to its very limit, causing it to shut down. And with chronic pain, I can’t continue to that.
      It’s great though, when we realize we must also love ourselves. 😊

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      1. You’re absolutely right! Eek! As much as I’d things to be different, my diet, my lack of sleep – go to sleep late, wake up early, somethings are just what they are at the moment.
        It’s not the best, I know that. but they’re the realities. And like you and I, there are many more, I’m sure of that. But hey, our kids are ok. 😊🙏🏽


      1. Haha! 🙃 Gracias. Aren’t we all a work in progress, but thankfully we have God helping us – daily.
        This post reminds me of your post on the woman being loving with her body, it all correlates. So very true, we need to love and befriend ourselves. 😊 We can’t love something we don’t appreciate.

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    1. “I love myself, I take care of myself and others. I have gratitude for everything I have.
      I like others too.
      Have a good day”

      – Merci, je ne parle pas français, mais merci pour votre commentaire!
      De même, passez une bonne journée.
      – Thank you, I do not speak French, but thank you for your comment!
      Likewise, have a good day.


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