Happy Meme Monday: Me, In The Middle Of Monday

I thought weekends were meant for sleep and relaxation?! Yet, it seems to me like there’s more work to be done on the weekends than there is to do during the week, leaving me a bit sluggish on Monday’s. However, here’s to a productive week ahead! May you set out to accomplish your goals or pushing yourself to tackle those things you’ve yet to do. Do you get the same feeling Monday’s?! Please tell me you do.

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Happy Monday!


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26 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Me, In The Middle Of Monday”

      1. Yes, me too. I need breaks, naps it’s all needed! It prevents me from feeling worse later in the day. I then find myself doing something and perhaps taking twice as long, but it’s at my own pace and for my own good. 😊

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      1. Yes, I too start my Mondays tired. Hehe. Why is that?! The lack of sleep during the weekends perhaps 🤔😏 It’s so windy and a bit chilly here today. And by chilly I mean in the 60’s 😳😅 That’s Florida for you, we are creatures of habit, so any chilly winds will cause us to break out our jackets!

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  1. Your having a party over here. I had a pinch and a freeze… A total reset. I was to enjoy each day, so I can’t do everything. That left me with: Have To, Need to, Want to
    Let’s Say Time Mgmt became my Friend.
    Started looking at Have To-
    Work Am I working hard and smart…
    At any rate after week found I had Time to Spare, which allowed me to spread my need to out of course of the week.
    Set small obtainable goals
    Family on boarding is a plus.,,
    Excited… Said a lot

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    1. Thank you! Yes! I agree.
      Time management is everything. As they say, work smart not hard. I think this is especially true since my diagnosis, my body starts to shut down mid day and I must stop what I’m doing. So working smart for me is an absolute must. And things that need to get done, yes, another great one for me to follow. I don’t get to everything, but the things I do get to, were accomplished / done. Small to do lists a day, yes, realistic, obtainable goals, I agree!
      Thanks Yonnie, hope you’re doing well. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Awww….Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback on my comment. I can tend to get long winded when I’m passionate about a thing. Like that in person and on the phone..Loved the interaction 💜.

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