Six Dollar Store Essentials For Disney Trip

I want to share with you these items that I consider to be essential  for any Disney trip / vacation. The best part of all is that they can all  be purchased from the Dollar Store.

This bottle caddy – I found this one on Amazon which also looks great. The plastic gets hooked onto the top part of any water bottle and it can be carried around your neck or across your body. The kids love carrying this and when they don’t – it happens, simply place the water bottle in the backpack.

2018-08-10 16.35.56

You want to take rain ponchos because you just never  know if it’ll rain – these are from Amazon, and small trash bags these are from Amazon. The children are constantly snacking at the parks and there isn’t always a trash bin around, simple start to fill up a bag, and as soon as a trash bin is in sight, simply toss the bag away! The children will also snack in the car on the way to Disney World, and all the trash in placed in these small bags. Also, yes I would agree, these are not  the best in quality, but again, this will keep you dry, and considering the overpriced ponchos being sold at the parks, you can’t  beat the price!

2018-08-10 16.31.18

These pop-up hampers – this 2 pack is from Amazon. I will usually purchase two, one for myself and my husband and the other for the children. When we arrive to our rooms, I’ll set these up in a corner. Then when it’s time to pack up and go, we simply pack these in our vehicle. It makes going back home so much more enjoyable. I get home, the clothes are in the hampers, put them in the laundry room, wash, and done!  No more dirty clothes mixed in with clean clothes.

2018-08-09 23.06.04

If you’re planning to stay longer than a few days – say 3 days, I’d suggest not over packing instead take your own detergent and wash clothes. The Disney resorts have self service laundry facilities on property. Just so you know, if purchasing detergent from the vending machine they offer are a single-use packet for $1 each. This bottle is enough for about three to four loads, which is more than plenty. On this day / trip, there was only this brand, but the Dollar Store carries other known brands such as Tide and Gain.

2018-08-09 23.06.19

And lastly, little ones enjoy all things glow in the dark, so these are perfect for the night time Happily Ever After show at Magic Kingdom or  any other fireworks and nighttime spectaculars at Disney World.

2018-08-09 23.07.31

Do you have any must haves or essentials you take on your trip to Disney World? Please share!


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