Happy Meme Monday: Easter Egg Hunt

I can’t remember a time when my kids found what they were looking for after I told them exactly  where they can find it. Because when it comes to finding things, everyone seems to be unable to find it, unless you place it on  their hands. Yes, it’s that  bad. Does this happen in your home with your spouse or kids?! Is finding things now considered an art or talent of some sort?!

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Happy Monday!


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29 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Easter Egg Hunt”

    1. Haha! Oh, I don’t think that helps. Perhaps maybe even moving it a few extra steps from the same place as last year? 😏😂 Nah! Who am I kidding, they’ll find it regardless. They search and find as if their entire existence depended on it.

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  1. That meme is the best hahaha. I keep a basket in the laundry room, and are vestibule has a row of hooks and a beautiful bowl that is a catch all. We all know before uttering, ” Have you seen my…” to look at there first 🙂

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