Happy Meme Monday: Morning School Days

This is officially week two of the school year. Which only means, I’ve survived week one! I have one middle school-er (is that even a word?!) and the rest are in elementary. This years mornings have become a tad bit longer as there are five or my six kids going to school, and this phone meme sums up my mornings!

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Related image

Mine looks more like the second phone – just in case you’re wondering.

Happy Monday friends!


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23 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Morning School Days”

      1. Of course, they really do. I think it’s a combination of not wanting to go through the process of getting the children they need, and not caring for their jobs nor the students. Not sure?! But it’s seems that way. 😣

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      1. Yes, I agree – always do! It shouldn’t. It’s very much brushed off and ignored. The teachers see my son and think he’s fine. Of course he is! The disability is on the inside, he’s perfectly fine on the outside. 🙄😔

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