Happy Meme Monday: Parenting And Coffee

Parenting is amazing, it’s rewarding and joyous with of course the occasional tidbits of tantrums and loud crying. And then there’s the exhaustion, lack of sleep, sleep deprivation and constant unsolicited advice. The one thing they fail to mention though is how much coffee will be consumed. I’ll have to admit, I drink my morning coffee and immediately crave a second cup, but self control kicks in and I don’t. So here’s the lesson of the day, when preparing for babies arrival, plan to include a nice stockpile of coffee – you’re  welcome!

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Happy Monday friends!


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39 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Parenting And Coffee”

      1. That’s great! Yes, unfortunately nothing else surprises me with the lack of support for the children in schools. It’s a shame! Because then it leaves parents having to look else where – where to begin, who knows! But we do have to get them help somehow.

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    1. Thank you so much Wendi. I’m hanging in there. I have significant anemia. The doctor wants me to take supplements for that, but to be honest, I just can’t add something else to my medication regimen. It’s just a lot. I see the cardiologist this coming week also and I’m hoping it all goes well.
      How are you? How have you been?

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      1. oh Ana, isn’t always something!? I am so very sorry but now I know how to specifically pray for you and I sent up a prayer for you today, pausing while I type out my response.
        I am doing ok……..you know how it is, some days are better than others and you hope the worse days are when you don’t have a hundred things on your plate. 🙂 Please keep me posted on your appts., I will be praying.

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      2. Yes! Oh, it’s always something. There’s never a ‘down time.’ Thank you. At this time I need patience for myself and for this body the Lord has blessed me with. He knows I lack patience. And this is the only way I see He can give that to me.
        I’ve realized this week how I’ve finally admitted to myself I am dreading taking my medications. I’ve ignored them, I loath them, I don’t want to see them, and in return, I haven’t been taking them properly. Ugh. I don’t like them Wendi. But it’s what helps me get through the pain, yet they’re a reminder that I’m not well.
        You know?!
        I’m so glad you continue to push through it all. It’s not easy but ya pushing through helps see our strength and our resilience over things we can’t change.
        I will, thank you so much for checking up on me. I appreciate you. 🥰🙏🏽


      3. I do understand Ana……….and because of this I will not say, “take your meds”……..I get it. We want to be well and any reminder of the other is a huge pain in the butt and head………I am so sorry. All we can do it push through it and know that there is someone out there who gets it.
        Praying for you and you are very welcome, it is my pleasure to check in with you!

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    1. You’re not alone. I have one of my sons that’ll say, ‘mom, mom, mom ….’ literally until I go to where he is. 🤪
      Yes, too much coffee, everything in moderation. I’ll usually have 2 cups a day, but in my mind, I’ll have about 10. 😩😂

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    1. That’s amazing Warren, I myself have never had tea. So, we’re fortunate enough to be able to find instant Nicaraguan – where I was born, coffee and/or Cuban coffee, and make what we call ‘cafe con leche’ (coffee with milk). I’ll have 2 tsp of coffee and 1 tsp of brown sugar. It’s delicious 🥰☕️
      God bless you too, hope you are doing well.

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  1. Hello Ana Great to see your meme Monday blog. You made me smile again. I needed it as I woke up and realized it was actually Monday morning here cold as it is. brrrrrrrrrrr

    Have a wonderful week my friend. God bless you and your family Ana.

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      1. Yes, I smiled all thanks to you Ana. I am glad your children keep you focused on each day of the week in that way. I am not 100 % but God and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are helping me get through the roughest parts. Reading your blog was the best part of my morning Ana. God bless you through all that you do.

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