Happy Meme Monday: The Struggle Of Knowing Two Languages

Growing up the words, “outside of the home English, inside Spanish” were repeated and ingrained in my head. Although feeling a bit frustrated with this growing up, I saw the advantages of knowing two languages when I began working. Like being able to translate for Spanish speaking clients when I worked in the legal field. However, I can admit to getting a bit tongue tied. At times even in the middle of a conversation. “How do you say ‘X’ in English?!” or “How do you say ‘X’ in Spanish?” Eek!

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And this meme is the perfect image of me crying in Spanish – not me just kidding.


Wiping tears away and wishing you a happy Monday.


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22 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: The Struggle Of Knowing Two Languages”

    1. Don’t feel too bad! It’s great but if we don’t, we don’t. 😊 I tried Italian and nope! Failed, miserably. But the good thing is that languages like Italian and Portuguese is that the sound a tiny bit like Spanish, so I can understand a little.

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      1. Shall I say that hub and I met at an Italian language course? There was a Danish movie if I remember correctly, very good and popular at the time, called Italian for beginners. Ever since we watched it, we’ve been saying we met at Italian for beginners.

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