New Christmas Ornament DIY Tradition

I picked up this idea on the internet and thought I’d pass along the incredible idea to you! It’s easy, it’s fun and it involves everyone in your home. My family has decided to keep this going starting this year and many more to come. Hope you do too!

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To make these I used:

Plastic Fillable Clear Ornament Balls

Velvet Green Ribbon

Velvet Khaki Ribbon


White Copy Paper

Black Sharpie

We began by cutting copy paper in strips to write our memories. The memories can be anything – started a new job, achieved my X goal, learned to bake, took a hike, etc. I wrote my four year olds favorite memory for her, but if you have older kids, they can write it down themselves. On the back of the memory I decided to have everyone write their names and ages. You can also have more than one memory, and get a paper for each one to fill up your ornament.

After everyone is done writing, fold the papers and place them inside the ornament ball. I opted for a velvet ribbon, but feel free to use what you have on hand, tie the ribbon in a bow, write the year on the outside of the ornament with a marker and hang on your tree. This will be fun to open next year – and the year after that.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and blessed New Year.

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