The Awesome Impact Award – 2018

When you’re a blogger, you’ll will meet other bloggers and you’ll also meet other bloggers that will become your ‘virtual friends.’ You’ll connect on levels of life you have in common, with an advice or a comment that will stick deep within you. They’ll also take a minute out their time to tell you a thing or two, to help you. As a new blogger I’ve needed a tip, or two or three – on blogging. Stuart has given me a minute of his time to share his blogging experience, one that stuck with me – stop looking at stats! Remember that?! Yeah, don’t know if I’m doing too good on that, but the advice was phenomenal and best of all, it came from such a great heart. If you haven’t read Stuarts post on ‘The Awesome Impact Award’ you can do so here, it’s heartwarming.

This award was created by Rad Gamer as a means for us to share a special moment in our lives that impacted us in a positive manner.

The Rules:

  • Tag the person who nominated you.
  • Take “The Awesome Impact Award” picture and add that in your post.
  • Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
  • Nominate 10 other awesome bloggers for this award.

The Incident That Impacted My Life:

My parents. I’d like to think my parents have been through it all, but then I’ve met others and I’ve see how I’ve been blessed with more than I know. A little back story, my parents were married, had four children, my oldest sibling died at birth, and my father already had a son when he married my mother. He then had his youngest daughter while my parents were married. They couldn’t make it through those tribulations, so they divorced – only not forever. They were divorced for 10 plus years before they reconciled and remarried one another. As a woman now myself, as a mother and wife, I know the struggles of marriage, the stresses and chaos that marriage can bring. And the ease in which either one can say, it’s over, I’m done or this isn’t for me. And just like that, the beginning of the end starts to unravel before you can even blink. When we’re married we often think things are bigger, more dramatic, and stressful, especially when you put children in the mix – lies.

But the two that the Lord called to bring me up and I get to call, parents, after all these years have truly showed me that with patience, love and having the Lord in the center of the marriage, you can get through it all.

My Nominees For This Award Are:

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To my nominees, should you choose to accept the nomination, I will be looking forward to reading your ‘awesome impact’ story.



Forgiveness + Hope – ‘Three Days Three Quotes’ Nomination Day 2

In continuation with the ‘Three Days Three Quotes’ I will not do ‘Nail File Fridays.’ I was nominated by the wonderful blogger over at Reveuse.

AND don’t forget to visit my nominees! They are such amazing women. I absolutely love following their blogs, they’re so interesting and inspirational! USA, LLC


Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!


“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different” Oprah Winfrey

I have kept this quote so dear and near to my heart – I mean how can I not?! I grew up in a single-parent home, my mother raising three kids on her own, working two to three jobs at a time, trying to make ends meet. I was the youngest of three. I was about 5 years old when I quickly realized I hated did not like the weekends with my father. I also disliked anything related to Father’s Day because at school I would be obligated to participate in making Father’s Day cards and such things. It wasn’t for any particular reason other than this meant being away from my mother – they were divorced for about 11 years, reconciled and have now been married for about 15 years. All thanks to Him. So, this quote among other things have helped me see that my father was not one, in any way a monster two, a cruel man or three, the enemy – he made mistakes because of the weakness that lies in man. We have recovered our father-daughter relationship that was once non-existent and have healed what was once broken.

Also, my Chiari Malformation + Syringomyelia Diagnosis – it’s incredibly exhausting just thinking about it! I have begun therapy which has been a great source in my journey to healing. I go back and forth thinking of the what-if’s, what if I was born different and not with Chiari – there is no such thing as having been born ‘normal,’ what if I hadn’t gotten married and maybe this wouldn’t have happened – Chiari was inevitable because I was born with it, what if I was stronger – I am as strong as I need to be, what if I could be like these other school moms without a care in the world and living pain free – looks are deceiving and I may have physical chronic pain however these other school moms I so ‘admire’ are battling other life pains.

This quote reminds me that giving up the hope that Chiari if not present in my life today things could have been different, is a lie! I am not Chiari rather I am living with Chiari. It’s given me the strength I never knew I had and that is worth not hoping my life could have been any different than what it is today.


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3. A Disney World Adventurer

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Hope you all enjoy doing this unique challenge and I look forward to reading the quotes you’ve chosen!