Nail Tools To Own For The Perfect At Home Manicure

These are the nail tools you need to own in your nail kit, using these will ensure you achieve the perfect at home manicure every single time. Because aside from having beautiful nail polish shades, having the right tools make all the difference in your end results.

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Base Clear Coat: You’ll apply this before any and all colored nail polish. I use the Seche – the base coat will protect your nail and prevent them from yellowing.

Top Clear Coat: You’ll apply this after and at the very end of all your nail polish applications. I use the Out The Door Clear Top Coat – it’s great!

Nail File // Buffer: Before using this Nail Buffer  make sure your nails are cut to the same shape and length before putting on the nail polish. When using the  Nail Files  start with the rougher side and then use the smoother side to buff and smooth the nail – just don’t over do it, the buffer can thin out your nails. Nail Tip: When filing your nails, move in one direction, this will prevent any edges from tearing and file your nails dry, not wet, wet nails split easily.

Orangewood Stick: This 50 pcs Wood Stick Nail Art Orange Cuticle Pusher Remover is a multi-purpose tool. You can use it to push back the cuticle, clean out any dirt or dip into Acetone and fix any nail polish mistakes. Or Orangewood Stick for applying rhinestones on nails and other multipurpose uses.

Cuticle Pusher // Spoon Nail Cleaner: If you have tough skin, use a steel cuticle pusher. Use a cuticle pusher or a spoon nail cleaner. This Cuticle Pusher and Spoon Nail Cleaner has both. So, your nail doesn’t become dry and flaky, gently push them back from your nails. This will also ensure you polish the entire nail. Nail Tip: Do this after a shower, when your skin is soft making it easier to push back any excess cuticle.

Cuticle Nipper: Use this Szco Supplies Half Jaw Cuticle Nipper after you push back the cuticle, gently cut tough cuticles, dry skin or ingrown nails. Nail Tip: Do NOT cut live cuticles, cutting it can give you an infection and sanitize your cuticle clipper before and after and store it in a dry place so it prevent it from rusting.

Dotter Tool: This 2-way Dotting Tool  and this Nail Brush and Dotting Tool – has a brush for cleaning on sides of finger, is great for nail art, it helps you create small dots, large dots and round designs. Nail Tip: Clean the Dotter Tool with acetone before each design. Also this Stripper Brush: This Nail Art Brushes Set of 3 is a tiny tip brush that will help you create clean, thin lines and detail. Nail Tip: Clean brush before dipping it into a different color.

2017-08-18 18.37.59
Using the Dotter Tool – Disney World inspired Minnie Mouse nail art

Tweezers: These are great for adding beads, stones, tiny studs, colored crystals, etc. or any 3D embellishment, this ReNext Nail Art Tweezers will ensure the right application without jeopardizing the nail polish.

How To Clean Nail Tools 

Also, for a healthy manicure results at home, clean and sanitize your tools, especially the clippers and cuticle clippers after each use. It’s simple, first wash with soap and water and lastly, disinfect by soaking a cotton ball with alcohol and wiping nail tools.

Hope this has inspired you to create wonderful nail art at home.


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