Easy DIY Teacher Gifts

As we draw near to the end of the school year, I wanted to share a few ideas on gifts you can put together at home. These are three options I put together this week for ‘teacher appreciation week.’ But by making a few changes, even in the wording to the gift tags, they can also make great end of the year gifts. Please keep reading to know how to create these simple gifts for teachers.

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1. M&M Chocolate Gift

Using a punch holder, punch a hole on chocolate bag.
Tags for bags.
Tie tags on bags.
I decided to use two tags – Feel free to use one.
Final result.

To make these I used:

Small hole punch

Natural Jute Twine

M&M chocolate bags – I used the ‘sharing size’ bags

The tags are from Etsy, just search for ‘teacher thank you tags.’ Once you purchase the tags, you’ll receive them via email as a document that you will need to download. I printed the tags at home on card stock paper

*ALL tags used for all 3 DIY gifts are all from Etsy.

2. Coffee Shop Gift Card

Gather cup, lid, Kraft crinkle shredded paper and white crinkled shredded paper
Apply stickers on cups
Mark the center of lid and cut for the straw
Place coffee shop gift card inside cup
Tie tags on straw
Final result.

To make these I used:

Kraft crinkle filler paper – for the coffee

White crinkle filler paper – for the whip cream

Clear plastic 16 ounce cups with dome lids (I couldn’t find the lids this size, with a hole)

Yellow striped paper straws

“Our Little Munchkin” 2 inch stickers

“Permanent Mark” 2 inch stickers

Natural Jute Twine

Coffee Shop gift card – I used a Starbucks gift card

Gift tag

3. Markers / Pens Gift

Gather markers, pens and tags
Attach tags to pens
Attach tags to markers

To make these I used:

‘BIC’ gelocity pens

EXPO dry erase markers

Natural jute twine

Gift tag

Thank you so much for visiting! Do you have any DIY teacher gift ideas you would like to share? Please do so in the comment section.

Have a great week.


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End of School Year Teacher + Classmates Gifts

As another school year comes to a close – this week to be exact, one thing we like to do is think of our teachers and classmates. The children spend so much time with these amazing beings we are so fortunate to call teachers that it’s nice to give them a little something in form of a gift. Also, their classmates, the children that have sat with them for hours and days on end, sat in class with them while they felt at times sick, sad, happy, they laughed and learned together. They comforted each other the very first days of school and now all have the hard task of saying goodbye. So, here are a  few things I put together for my little one’s teachers and classmates. I like to give thoughtful yet useful gifts – an easy DIY and not to mention affordable!

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Here’s what I found at my local craft store, it was all affordable and I was able to use online coupons before check out.

For the teachers: I used ‘Thank you’ cards to write a message for each one – you can find packs of 8 in most craft stores, I got a large pack of gift bags, gift tag stickers, mugs with the teachers initial, I also alternated with some teachers receiving a pack of pencils or a pack of rose gold paper clips and lastly a few Lindt Lindor chocolates I got at the grocery store. I placed everything in the gift bag with tissue paper – and again, these items were on clearance and I was able to use an online coupon at checkout.

For the students: I like to give all my children’s classmates the same thing – it helps keep me sane! I separate it all and label with each of the classrooms so that in the morning there is no confusion and each can take their own things to school. So, I initially couldn’t find the ‘giant’ sized Pixy Stix anywhere and with not enough time to order online, my last attempt paid off. I checked online at my local party store and they had the ‘giant’ sized Pixy Stix – not only did they have the quantity I needed but they had store pick-up available. Once I had that, I used copy paper to print ‘labels’ for each Stix however you can also use card stock. I printed sets according to each one of the kids class count, they read “Have a sweet Summer! Your Friend (name).” I was able to fit six ‘labels’ in one sheet of copy paper, using a paper trimmer I cut all to size – you can cut multiple sheets at a time and with an X-Acto Knife  created two horizontal slits and then placed the Pixy Stix straw through. And we were done!

Happy Monday!