Nail File Friday’s: Easy Marble Nails Using Plastic Ziploc

Please excuse my scattered brain, as I do not recall having posted this look. But just in case, I wanted to share – or re-share, this look on a an easy gold and gray marble nail tutorial.

I simply used a plastic Ziploc bag that I cut up a bit and simply dipped the bag into the nail polishes. So easy, so beautiful!

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Nail File Friday’s: Gold, Gray, Diagonals + Tape

I want to share with you today another very easy and simple nail art tutorial using what you already have at home – tape! There’s nothing like using tape for nail art, only because it is so versatile. You can cut it into so many different shapes, or use it to create a perfect line like I did here. And if the line still doesn’t come out too perfect, like I also did here, you can clean it right up and still get that perfect finish look! Happy painting!

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Nail File Friday’s: Negative Space Nail Art Red Orange + Gold

I told you last week about the negative space nail art craze and that I was on board – still am, here’s another negative nail art design I did this week. Why I’m loving the negative space nail art, for one the ideas are endless, the color combinations are never ending, there is no one way and no rules to follow!

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Essie Nail Polish Used: Essie Good As Gold (gold) I used Fifth Avenue however it isn’t available, Ole Caliente is the next best thing (red-orange with pink undertone)

Nail Tools UsedNail Brush and Dotter, you can use Avery Reinforcement Labels or you can also try these French Manicure Stickers – Mix Styles that work as an easy guide for nail art and aluminum foil to place a few drops of the color that will be used for nail art.


Steps For Nail Art:

Step One:  1 Coat of ‘Seche’ Base Coat

Step Two: I did the angled nail art without using any labels as a guide, but if you use the labels, remove the labels while the polish is still wet, clean up the sides of the nail by simply dipping the nail brush in acetone. After the polish was dry, I applied three dots of gold on each nail. I did enjoy this look with and without the gold dots, both are so fun. Tip: Clean the dotter tool and wipe clean with acetone after each nail.

…. Allow the nail art to completely dry to avoid smudging ….

Step Three:  1 Coat of ‘Out The Door’ Top Coat

This is optional ….

‘Cuccio’ Cuticle Oil – Milk & Honey  – Cuticle oil will avoid your cuticles from drying that can happen from the nail acetone, it helps keep your cuticles moisturized

Have a great Friday!


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