The Awesome Impact Award – 2018

When you’re a blogger, you’ll will meet other bloggers and you’ll also meet other bloggers that will become your ‘virtual friends.’ You’ll connect on levels of life you have in common, with an advice or a comment that will stick deep within you. They’ll also take a minute out their time to tell you a thing or two, to help you. As a new blogger I’ve needed a tip, or two or three – on blogging. Stuart has given me a minute of his time to share his blogging experience, one that stuck with me – stop looking at stats! Remember that?! Yeah, don’t know if I’m doing too good on that, but the advice was phenomenal and best of all, it came from such a great heart. If you haven’t read Stuarts post on ‘The Awesome Impact Award’ you can do so here, it’s heartwarming.

This award was created by Rad Gamer as a means for us to share a special moment in our lives that impacted us in a positive manner.

The Rules:

  • Tag the person who nominated you.
  • Take “The Awesome Impact Award” picture and add that in your post.
  • Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
  • Nominate 10 other awesome bloggers for this award.

The Incident That Impacted My Life:

My parents. I’d like to think my parents have been through it all, but then I’ve met others and I’ve see how I’ve been blessed with more than I know. A little back story, my parents were married, had four children, my oldest sibling died at birth, and my father already had a son when he married my mother. He then had his youngest daughter while my parents were married. They couldn’t make it through those tribulations, so they divorced – only not forever. They were divorced for 10 plus years before they reconciled and remarried one another. As a woman now myself, as a mother and wife, I know the struggles of marriage, the stresses and chaos that marriage can bring. And the ease in which either one can say, it’s over, I’m done or this isn’t for me. And just like that, the beginning of the end starts to unravel before you can even blink. When we’re married we often think things are bigger, more dramatic, and stressful, especially when you put children in the mix – lies.

But the two that the Lord called to bring me up and I get to call, parents, after all these years have truly showed me that with patience, love and having the Lord in the center of the marriage, you can get through it all.

My Nominees For This Award Are:

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To my nominees, should you choose to accept the nomination, I will be looking forward to reading your ‘awesome impact’ story.



Finding peace amongst the chaos in life

I always try to keep in mind that I am not the only one that is going through rough patches in life. May it be a loss, a break up, experiencing some mommy/daddy guilt, don’t understand why things happen, don’t understand how things have happened, how I got here, wish things were different, etc. you get the idea. If you’ve followed my short journey, you know that I’ve experienced life changing surgeries due to Chiari + Syringomyelia. Although many times I’ve tried to put it behind me, there is always something that happens in my day that reminds me of my disability. You know those moments, where you are trying to go about life while trying to forget other parts of your life as well? What do you do? Do you confront them head on, do you even acknowledge them? I know a lot of times we, or rather I, try to put my best foot forward, have my best attitude or simply try to mask what I’m feeling with other more prettier things. This can absolutely happen in this world that is so consumed by technology and phone applications, like Instagram and Facebook. I personally think these outlets pressure us into thinking reality is too ugly to post. But, masking reality can be so exhausting, especially for someone like myself, being a full-time stay at home mom and dealing with chronic pain. It’s exhausting! I know I vent to my wonderful therapist, but I know others don’t have that outlet, either you choose not to or can’t for whatever reason.

I grew up in a relatively strict religious home and was taught at an early age to turn to the Lord for comfort and do His holy will. At the same time and you can read more about it here, I am also a firm believer in finding professional help for things like depression, anxiety, etc. Lately however, hence my reasons for my continued therapeutic sessions have been questioning other things. Have you found yourself there? I’m there. I’m not sure where you find your peace amongst the chaos in life, where do you find your happiness, where do you find your smile, is it in your children, your religion, spouse or partner? I know at times the plans my 15 or even 18 year old self had suddenly come to mind and then reality strikes and there’re the reminder of how none of that happened. However, I also know and am reminded that, you can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will always prevail. What does this mean, well, that if you and I don’t see our life the way we’d imagined it, know that it is however going the way the Lord has planned it. So powerful, yet I still go back and forth with the Lord, like a small child coming back to me after I’ve told them no. Can we compare it that way? Are we that nagging child asking the Lord, why don’t things go my way? As the priest put it on Easter Vigil this year and as you can see, it struck a cord with me, he said, “do you think God made a mistake with you, do you think the bastard sitting next to you isn’t for you?” – aka your spouse. HAHA! There’s nothing like hearing a homily that delivers and gives you a good laugh at the same time.

So, whether you are religious or not, whether you seek in the Lord or not, whether you turn to prayer or not, we are all seeking the same thing, peace and to love and be loved. We are all trying to be seen and heard. If you’re in this same space as myself, I tell you, don’t give up, find support, find the courage to find your voice and ask for help.

Also, know that your struggle is part of your journey. And as the scripture says, “this too shall pass, worries, hardships, and the things of this world are temporary, eternity is forever.” And you my friend are perfectly imperfect and that’s OK.


Photo: Aaron Burden