Sweet Weekend With Whip N’ Dip + Raspados Loly’s

Our little ones have a bit of a sweet tooth and this weekend they wanted to go out for ice cream. Our favorite go-to spot is Whip n’ Dip Ice Cream Shoppe located in South Miami I don’t know which they enjoy more, the shops pet fish or the ice cream, nevertheless they love this place! And though the atmosphere inside isn’t anything to fuss about, their homemade ice cream however is! It’s always delicious and fairly priced. They serve both soft serve and carry an array of ice cream flavors – such as Watermelon and Mango, as well as plenty of toppings like marshmallows and gummy bears. They also offer yummy milkshakes. If you do opt for a milk shake, choose to make it with regular ice cream – it comes out creamer. The milk shake made with soft serve just has less calories. You may also know or have heard of this spot from the well known people in the limelight that visit – although it’s not my reason to visit. My motivation is that so far this has been a peanut allergy friendly ice cream shoppe. It’s safe enough for my peanut allergy son to eat and enjoy. As a parent, this is huge! Because he’s had allergy episodes – never a good thing, at other places, such as Cold Stone and Dairy Queen, and other well known places. I believe this is because the Whip n’ Dip shop employees will not use the same spoon to serve their toppings, like other places do.

Our other sweet endulgence this weekend was Raspados Loly’s . They have stores in Managua, Nicaragua and Miami, Florida. This is a Nicaraguan dessert shop that serves traditional flavored shaved ice that is packed in a cup – be sure to break up the ice and spread the syrup before eating. Our favorite is their ‘Leche’ or ‘Dulce de Leche’ syrup. You can also ask to have it with ‘Relleno’ in which they’ll put some pound cake inside. They do also offer other delicious flavors such as Tamarindo (tamarind), Leche (dulce de leche), Jocote (a type of plum), Nancite (a type of yellow cherrie) and Piña (pineapple) amongst others when in season.

If you’re in the area and haven’t tried these dessert shops, definitely do!

2018-03-05 10.57.13
Raspados Loly’s – Dulce de Leche

Hope your weekend was as sweet as ours.