Happy Meme Monday: The Sleepless Parent

This meme here really spoke volumes to my most inner soul! I can’t even tell you the last time I got a full 8 hours of sleep. You know that sleep where, no baby is crying or no 4 year is standing crying hysterically next to you because her sock came off and well, we can’t possibly sleep without socks! I mean, I may have got a few hours of sleep at some point in my many trips to the hospital, but then you know the nurses come in to wake you up just to ask, ‘if everything’s OK.’ So, there’s that. But yes, my life even more so now, as a blogger and now with my YouTube channel, the sleep just keeps taking a back seat. I still remember what people used to tell me when I was pregnant with my first baby, ‘when the baby sleeps, you sleep.’ Yes, yes, I still make it my life’s purpose to do that to this day – six kids in!

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A Parents Sleep

And here’s the thing, I know some parents will get their full nights sleep. So, if you’re one, let me just say this, when I grow up, I want to sleep just like you.

Happy Monday!


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Happy Meme Monday: Mornings Equal Coffee


If I can sum up the start of my day in one word, that’d be, coffee. I need my coffee in the morning. I’ve read the articles on coffee, some stating how coffee can be harsh on your health, while others promote a healthy daily consumption. I like to think I consume as much as my mommy brain will allow. My day starts off rather early and if there’s anything that allows me to even semi-function the way a ‘normal’ human would and avoid running into walls, that’d be my early morning coffee.

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I really admire people that drink tea or water first thing in the morning, I really do! Because at this point, I don’t think there’s anything that’ll replace my love for ‘cafe con leche’ (coffee with milk) – so good! What is ‘cafe con leche‘ you ask? This is a Spanish coffee beverage, it’s bold coffee with really hot milk. I also, may or may not have to reheat it multiple times too and I have six little reasons for this. No judgment! Also, the coffee or milk and sugar is added according to ones own personal taste. In my opinion it’s delicious!

Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning?

Happy Monday.


Happy Meme Monday: Mom Of Boys

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but this seems to happen too often, there are somethings that doesn’t faze boys – like the urgency to get dressed. Or when I ask them what they’re doing and they tell me they’re getting dressed, only to walk in on them playing LEGO’s – doing everything but getting dressed!


Yes, there are just some realities a mom will experience with her boy that she won’t experience with her girl.

Happy Meme Monday!