Happy Meme Monday: Bedtime Routine

It’s a new day, the start of a new week, new goals to achieve and a new perspective to take on. As a stay at home mom, one of the many misconceptions that comes along with that, is that I have all the free time in the world. Negative! Ha, I wish! Aside from the my Chiari + Syringomyelia diagnosis I also hold more valuable titles, I’m a full time mommy, I have this blog ‘part-time’ and I also opened not too long ago an online shop that I make time to do my own designs. So, time’s definitely not on my side and this bedtime routine has so much truth ….

2018-06-24 00.17.31

Yes, this definitely sums up our bedtime ‘routine’ around my household!

Have a blessed day!





Questions I Asked My Kids: The #MyMomChallenge

Erika, The Dorky Mom Doodler set forth this #hashtag challenge on Mother’s Day and I recently read Stomperdad  #MyDadChallenge which was great! So, I wanted to do the challenge with my oldest daughter and my third child, my son, to know what my little ones would say to these rather ‘normal’ questions. Thank you both for this challenge, we got a good laugh on these! And Stomperdad I spoke too soon – me not liking to clean came up in mine! I may not like it, but I get it done! Haha 🙂

1. My mom is _____ years old and weighs _____ pounds.

My 10 year old: 33; 175
My 6 year old: 108; 150

2. My mom is good at cooking _____ and is not so good at cooking _____.

My 10 year old: Fried Chicken; Nothing
My 6 year old: Baking Pie; Grapes

3. If my mom were a superhero, her name would be ______ and her superpower would be _____.

My 10 year old: Super Mommy; Stretching
My 6 year old: Super Girl; Lightening 

4. And if my mom were a villain, her name would be ______ and she would use her evil powers to _____.

My 10 year old: La Llorona; Take Over The World
My 6 year old: Mommy Robber; Breaks Trucks 

5. I love it when my mom ______.

My 10 year old: Hugs me
My 6 year old:  Kisses me 

6. When my mom is driving, she _________.

My 10 year old: Concentrates
My 6 year old: She will crash the car

7. I like it when my mom _______ and I don’t like it when my mom _________.

My 10 year old: Lays with me; makes me do chores
My 6 year old:  Drives the car; makes me read

8. My mom does not like to _______.

My 10 year old: Clean
My 6 year old: Wear glasses

9. My mom does ________ the best and _________ the worst.

My 10 year old: Party planning; Waking up
My 6 year old: Cook; Singing

10. I’m thankful for my mom because ___________.

My 10 year old: She cleans and she loves me
My 6 year old: She feeds me

So, by the looks of these answers, I’m a 108 year old ‘Llorona’ – these kids should stop watching “Coco,” whom makes a mean fried chicken  – not so much on the grapes and is more likely to crash her car! I’ll take it! Hey, it could be worse!

I invite you all to do the #MyDadChallenge or the #MyMomChallenge – you’ll love it!

Have a great day!