Nail File Friday’s: DIY Grey Marble Mat For Manicures

This project is an easy do-it-yourself, a beautiful mat that will work great when doing your nails at home, or place it in a bag and take it to go! I covered my craft / cutting mat with grey marble adhesive paper, a pair of scissors and a card to smooth any air bubbles on the paper to the mat. It’s also easy to clean, simply wipe the mat clean with a damp cloth.

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Hope you enjoy my YouTube channel and as always thank you for your support, have a wonderful Friday!


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Nail File Friday’s: Red + Gold Nails

This week I wanted to make something extremely simple – yes that’s possible! You know when you want to do something, but feel so busy, too tired and out of energy. But, know that certain things just should be done. Doing my nails this week resulted in just that. As someone that lives with chronic pain, things can easily slip by, so it’s essential that I try to motivate myself in finding ways to get things done for myself as easily and efficient as possible. Because as they say, it’s the small things.

The red nail polish in this look is so vibrant and the gold makes it look so fancy! It can even be recreated for a holiday party, work gathering, festivity or celebration.

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Nail Polish Used: I used the color ‘Really Red’ but this is the next best thing Essie Russian Roulette (bright red) and Good As Gold (gold)

Nail Tools Used: Nail Brush + Dotter  for cleaning the sides of the nails and dotter for making dots on all nails.


Step One:  1 Coat of ‘Seche’ Base Coat

Step Two:   2 Coats of the red nail polish (three strokes per coat on each nail)

…. Allow the nail polish to completely dry before doing any nail art ….

Step Three:   Using a piece of aluminum foil, place a bit of the ‘Good As God’ Nail Polish on it, dip the dotting tool and create a few dots just on the side of the nail – wipe the dotter clean by dipping it in acetone after each use, going in a zig zag like pattern, continue to create the dots

…. Allow the dots to completely dry before applying the top coat ….

Step Four:  1 Coat of ‘Out The Door’ Top Coat

This is optional ….

‘Cuccio’ Cuticle Oil – Milk & Honey  – it helps keep your cuticles moisturized, cuticle oil will avoid your cuticles from drying, this can happen from the use of nail acetone.


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Nail File Friday’s: Marshmallow from Essie

I have to tell you that although I love my dark shades, you know, the reds, the maroons, the grays, I still have a deep connection with the white nail polish. My go-to is the Marshmallow white nail shade from Essie.

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Nail Polish Used: Essie Marshmallow (white)

Nail Tools Used: Nail Brush for cleaning the sides of the nails

I love this! There’s nothing like a good white polish. This look has the following steps – if you haven’t seen my how to on nail polish it has useful steps on how to prepare your nails for the perfect at home nail polish.

Step One:  1 Coat of ‘Seche’ Base Coat

Step Two:  3 Coats of the Marshmallow Nail Polish – 3 coats for a brighter white (three strokes per coat on each nail)

Step Three:  1 Coat – ‘Out The Door’ Top Coat

This is optional ….

‘Cuccio’ Cuticle Oil – Milk & Honey  – Cuticle oil will avoid your cuticles from drying that can happen from the nail acetone, it helps keep your cuticles moisturized

Hope you have a great Friday!


Photo: TJ Dragotta