Nail File Friday’s: How To Create Ombre Nails in White And Gold

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this bit of information with you, but know that, I’m by no means a nail professional – nope!

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My YouTube channel was created with that in mind, how to help non-professionals like myself achieve great nails at home, learning together and trying the latest in nail art. This is one of those how to’s. I’ve seen the ‘ombré’ technique be done in various way, but if I can choose two of my favorite nail combinations to use, it would have to be white and gold. So, I share with you in this easy step by step tutorial using a cosmetic sponge / wedge.

Happy polishing!


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Nail File Friday’s: Including Gradient Pink

Happy Friday! So for today’s ‘Nail File Friday’s’ I bring you some inspiration to do right at home! As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to go out to get my nails done, however I do make the time to do them at home. If you’re a mom too, maybe you can do your nails while your babies are taking a nap or maybe at night after you’ve put them to bed. With these three looks, you can change it up if you’d like, change the color, the design or do the same. You decide!

So, using any polish shades, here I used the Essie – Marshmallow (white), Mod Square (pink) and Wicked (dark). I just wanted to change the polish for the ring finger, keep things simple – or semi simple and easy. The first one is the ‘ombre’ look also known as a ‘gradient’ nail art – all this means is that you’re going to go from one color and blend out with another, using all three colors and a foam wedge or a makeup sponge, once your polish is completely dry, paint some streaks of the Mod Square and the Wicked on the makeup sponge, now pat the sponge on the nail – go over it as many times as you’d like to achieve the ombre look. Next is the easy, basic just Mod Square polish and last is doing the triangle design using the self adhesive nail tape.  after you’ve applied both nail polish shades, just take the nail tape off carefully using the cuticle nipper.

And you’re done!