Happy Meme Monday: Before You Get Married

There are many qualities we look for in future spouses. The things you look for in a life long partner may be short or long, but our lists may still be somewhat the same. This one in the meme however, I didn’t think of myself. I got to know my husband’s patience level when there came the time to put something together and the need to read the instruction manual became apparent and not a reality. Pfft, who needs a manual anyway?!

How do you test someones patience?

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Happy Meme Monday: Sharing With Kids 101

As a mother / parent, you know that you are always obligated sharing. Once you become a parent, you will never look at a piece of cookie or cake without first thinking, how many ways can this piece be cut? Two, three, six?! Or should I hide this chocolate until the kids go to sleep and then eat it?! Oh the decisions one must make to eat in peace and not have to share.


This is me on a Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hope you’re having a great Monday!


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Happy Meme Monday: Mom’s Last Nerve Up For Grabs

Maybe it’s just my home and my little tribe, but do your kids also call you to tell you to look at what they’ve done – for the 50th time, even after you’ve already looked their way and said, “yes, that’s beautiful.” … Nope, not for my kids, that’s just not enough! But aren’t they the best at repeating things because let’s face it, maybe they’re right, maybe, just maybe there might just be something I didn’t know I missed from watching a movie, over and over and over again!


This meme made sense and made me laugh! Because as much as I’d like to hold on to my nerves and prevent it from being confiscated by my tiny tribe, it’s always at risk! … Daily.

Hope you’re having a great Monday.


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