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This poem, written by My Li’l Place just moved my heart, to say the least. It describes the love of one sibling to another. I took so many things from it, for what it may seem like a simple poem, it took me back to my younger years. I’m one of three, we grew up quickly, took on adult responsibilities at a young age. The oldest being my brother, he took care of us younger ones like only a loving brother would do. He wouldn’t complain nor whine, he just did what needed to be done. Do you have that sibling, perhaps cousin, that means the world to you?! I would only hope we all have that special person that helped mold us into who we are today.

We are all adults now, he’s a missionary for the church with his family of 7 in Minnesota while the rest of us have remained in Florida. No matter the miles, the distance between us I’m so grateful for his prayers for me, for my health, my family and my little ones.

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My Li’l Place thank you again for sharing such a lovely poem.

Have a great Wednesday!


The room is now empty, the bed half made An empty shampoo bottle lies forlorn on the floor The gray ottoman returned to its quiet empty corner Where your black luggage had recently sat in a bloated slump, half unzipped

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Reblog Wednesday: Steps to Overcome Technology Addiction — MakeItUltra™

This is just one of many posts from Dr. Perry over at Make It Ultra that I have really enjoyed. In today’s day in age, where technology is all around us, improving or even taking the place of interacting with a human, technology addiction has developed and contrary as to what some may think, this doesn’t only appear in adults, but in children too.

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He points out steps to recognizing and overcoming technology addiction. And can I just point out the picture below that Dr. Perry posted, how much truth is in that one picture?! It is both amazing and disturbing.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday and that you enjoyed reading this great post.


By Dr. Perry, PhD “True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.” ~Seneca We live in a world where most of our life essentials are one click away. Food, clothing, companionship, entertainment, and even sex can be attained by just a click. More and more we are giving our vital […]

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Reblog: Can You Blog Under Pressure? — Renard’s World

I am so excited to share this post with you. The post is from a great blogger over at Renard’s World – he is full of such helpful tips and blogging information and being that I’m also a relatively new blogger, this post immediately caught my attention!

It’s really about making the best out of our unique situation, time and continuing to growing as an effective blogger.

He points out very useful topics in this post, such as:

° Doing Whatever You Can Whenever You Can

° Learn to Regain Your Composure

° Get Yourself ‘In The Zone’

° Improvising When Your Computer Breaks Down

° Believe In Your Ability To Get It Done

° Give Yourself An Incentive To Get It All Done

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday.


Effective methods of handing blogging when you are under so-called pressure

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