Happy Meme Monday: Grammar Gone Wrong – Your and You’re

A great meme on a classic mistake – or grammatical error. Not sure, but either way, it’s something that can be misconstrued like in this meme, that I find way funnier than perhaps it actually is.

Since we’re on the topic of these typical errors that happen often, are you the type that corrects someone on their grammatical errors, or not? And, what words do you find are the ones often written incorrectly?

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Happy Monday friends!


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14 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Grammar Gone Wrong – Your and You’re”

  1. Sometimes I’ll correct them. For example, if I’m reading an author I like on Quora, there’s a function that lets you make edits for their consideration because I respect them and want their work to shine. Or if someone has written a story or article and a mistake is undermining their finished work, sometimes I’ll use their Contact form to let them know (rather than calling it out in the comments for all to see).

    Now, if it’s one of my buddies who make a mistake on social media, sometimes I’ll roast them if I can get a laugh out of it.

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    1. Lol oh Sean! I thought of you for this one! Love that you’re so considerate depending on who is in the wrong.
      I also secretly think/know you’re correcting my writing as we ‘speak’ 😏🤣


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