Happy Meme Monday: Potty Training Humor

The old me versus the new me and the simple steps in potty training that little ones just can’t quite get right ….

Here’s to the small reminders that get us closer to victory!

Hope you’ve had a great Monday!


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34 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Potty Training Humor”

      1. Haha!! Yes, I was just recently talking to a friend who just potty trained her 4 year old boy after months of frustration and accidents. I’m glad that part is behind me but I do miss my little ones as babies and toddlers. My teenagers roll their eyes at me when I cry over pampers swaddler commercials. Miss my babies.

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      2. Teenagers – eek! 😊 The years go by too fast 😢 I’m sure I’ll be sharing the same feelings in the years to come. I tell my husband, if it were up to me, I’d like to have a baby in the home, always. They’re so yummy! 😊💛

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      3. It does! 😢 My oldest is 14 now and it flew by fast. I had prayed for more children but God said, not now. My body broke and then my oldest two had to care for me. I’m thankful they were mature enough to do so but my heart still aches for a baby.

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      4. It’s all in His will and we can only pray we find comfort in Him. My last three babies are truly miracle babies. The last two needed NICU time, my body some how by Gods grace held those two babies in. The doctor didn’t give me much hope, he only said, we’d have to wait and see. So we did. He didn’t even want to give me a due date so I wouldn’t get my ‘hopes up.’ But they’re here, and I continue to see the mission God has for them. 😊🙏🏽

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  1. My son uses his potty as target practice- – i.e. throwing his balls into it and seeing how many he gets in there. Safe to say, he’s pretty good! LOL! I won’t be so cool when he actually uses it for what it is meant for and then throws balls into it. LOL

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  2. Lol I still like to think I’m cool but I’m definitely not! 😂 As soon as I hear a toilet flush I’m yelling “did you wipe yourself? Don’t forget to wash your hands” sometimes i hear my husband reply “I’m 30 years old, I know what to do!” 😂

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