Happy Meme Monday: Picture Day Gone Wrong

This only reminds me of ‘school picture day’ gone wrong. Can you relate to that school picture gone wrong?! Many can look back at old school pictures and think, wow! Maybe it was the hair, your smile – you know, the smile with the missing front tooth, or the attire. Or perhaps you’re now the parent of a child, whom is so cute and yet, can’t ever get the school picture just right. You know?!

I can relate, I have one of my boys, that has the most beautiful smile, and yet every year, I just don’t know what this mama will get when I receive the school envelope with the prints. He enjoys surprising us – year after year!

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picture day

That little one is beyond gorgeous, but I can’t get over this look here presented by none other than Willem Dafoe – the actor that played the green goblin in Spider-Man, it’s hilarious.

Happy Monday.


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31 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Picture Day Gone Wrong”

  1. Heheheh brilliant! Posing for photos isn’t just something that goes wrong for kids, my mum end up doing this almost creepy gurning thing when I ask her to ‘smile’ when I take a photo. I try not to take pics now when she’s expecting them, she looks beautiful when it’s natural and she’s unaware. Most people get a bit of the Dafoe thing going on when trying hard for a photo!! Thanks for the giggles =]
    Caz xx

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  2. LOL! My son went through a 2-year period where he COULD NOT smile right for a picture that was being taken at all. His smile looked like what I imagined someone being electrocuted might look like.

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    1. Yes, especially school pictures, perhaps not the class picture, but the solo ones – dreaded!

      Thankfully now at my kids school, they take mid-year pictures and siblings that attend the school can all gather for it. They have fun backdrops for them. The four that attend school love those!

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      1. I hated school pictures… I’ve never been one to think I graced the camera well. Besides, I never bought the yearbook anyway… why do I have to take a picture?

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      2. School was a terror for me. I wanted nothing to remind me of it. Yearbooks has no value because I would only be in them once. And a ton of people I didn’t like…

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      3. You’re not alone on that one! I have very few fond memories of school. I really enjoyed elementary, but starting at middle school – yikes! Kids can really be mean and cruel. I ultimately left the public school system to be homeschooled my high school years. No regrets in that one.
        Of course now I can’t relate say, with my husband when it comes to senior year trips, prom, graduation, etc.
        But, everyone experiences things differently. There is no one way, no one road for us all. We do what we can and make choices based on what will help us excel.

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      4. School was an awkward place for me. I completely felt odd man out. And for all the others to fit in they picked on me so that made things worse. I had no interest in school until high school where I became determined to graduate just to get out of there.

        Prom! 😆😕 the closest thing I came to a date for prom was a girl I worked with hung out in the parking lot of the place we worked. Looking back, I think she was trying to see what would happen between us that night and I was oblivious… good thing I guess.

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      5. Yes, school is still a place not many kids today enjoy. But not because they don’t want to, because as you said, others. There are kids that are coming up in homes where there is no love and respect. In return, these children go to school and retaliate that hurt onto others. So sorry for your experience, however it’s helped mold you the man you are today – even if a tiny bit.

        Yes! That’s a good thing! 😊 God always has the perfect plan for us.

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      6. Haha! I know, picture day can either be a fun day or a day most would dread and stress over.
        Can I just say, I’ve now seen school photography companies doing some photoshop. My oldest has brown eyes, and one year, they made her brown eyes lighter. 😳🤔 Wasn’t into that – at all!

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