Happy Meme Monday: My Dream Doormat

This picture was sent to me from a friend and I thought I’d share it with you today because, what are friends for?!  I love the way it gives you just enough of a warning before walking into the home. It’s also a very subtle warning, because the message could have been written in many other ways that could have very well scared your guests away. So, to the person that made this doormat, this mom of many thinks you’re an absolute genius. Thank you for the laugh!

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2019-01-25 13.05.44

Can I just also say, how adorable are those tiny feet are sticking out at the top?!

Happy Monday!


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32 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: My Dream Doormat”

      1. She is a wonderful mom… I’ve watched her daughter for a few years now. Only problem with it is when it gets super wet like it is right now, you can’t read it. But you def need one too! 😊

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      1. Little feet, little feet; are you trying to walk all over me? Take mommy by the hand, you already have her by the heart. Let me help guide your today, I will help you walk into your tomorrow. But most importantly little feet, let me show you how; to walk in the light!

        The post Inspired this poem, this week is inspirational Friday. I am going to expand it and add it in Fridays post.

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      2. Oh so incredibly sweet Warren! You are so talented my friend, you make words just touch the heart like few can. God given talent.

        ‘But most importantly, let me show you how to walk in the light’ … My most favorite line of all.

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