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I was nominated for this by the tag creator and blogger The Eclectic Contrarian. Please check his site for great poems and quotes – they’re heartwarming and incredibly sweet. Likewise TEC, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our deep conversations on anything from the amazing world of Peppa Pig to me being utterly odd for not liking chocolate.

Also, I had zero clue on how to see who my top commentator’s on my blog were, if you already know how to do this – kudos to you dear reader! However, for those like myself that were clueless, here’s a quick step by step, simply go to the ‘Stats’ option on your WordPress, switch view from ‘Traffic’ to ‘Insights,’ scroll down to see the ‘Comments’ section and voilá – you’ll see your blogs top commentators. I’d suggest doing this on your phone, just so that you can do a screen shot of it, save and paste it on your ‘Talkative Tag’ post. If you have a simpler way of doing this – do share!

Message from the tag creator The Eclectic Contrarian: I’m starting a new tag. I’m calling it the Talkative Tag because that’s just what it is. It is a little “thanks” to those who have been very talkative and involved with my (your) blog and I really appreciate that! Should any of you want to nominate anyone, please feel free to use the tag. 


I want to nominate my top 5 commentators:






Thank you to all my top commentators, please know that I’ve enjoyed our chats. Your continued support has meant everything! Hope to see who your top commentators on your blog are!




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71 thoughts on “Talkative Tag”

    1. Yes?! I didn’t you could search that up either.
      Thank you! You know?! It’s just something about chocolate, it’s like you never know – as Forrest Gump put so well. It’s either too sweet, bitter, or something else! Eek! 😏 Where’s the consistency?! 😂
      Coffee is tricky too! I don’t like espresso, or the ‘cortadito’ they’re just way too strong! So, I stick to my instant Latin coffee, ‘cafe con leche’ with sugar and done! Can’t even drink the Starbucks coffee. And thank goodness cause those things are way overpriced! Haha 😂 A Frap I’ll take though 🥰

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  1. Good afternoon Ana. I was going to respond to your comment about my nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was enjoying the comment about your husband always listening to music on the computer, cooking etc. I do not know what took place but the comment was sent to the delete pile. I can not recall it to have it come back up again.

    Please resend me that wonderful message to me and I will enjoy reading it some more and responding to it.

    Ana I am sorry it just went away

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      1. Thank you for the reply again Ana. Music is food for the soul which grows with each new tune we feed it. I am glad your husband loves music as much as you and I do Ana. You are very welcome !!

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      1. Oh I know! But you can find great series on Netflix, my husband and I binged watched ‘Godless’ I believe it’s called, wow! I mean, I may have covered my eyes on some parts but the parts that I did watch, great! It’s a western and it didn’t disappoint. Of course follow the parent movie watching protocol, no kids, low volume because the mouths on these people! 😳😆

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