Happy Meme Monday: Maybe I’ll Blink, Maybe

It’s been one of those weeks. That week when your parents lease is up and nothing has gone as intended, having no other place to go, offered my home while they find a new place, they said yes, I rearranged the rooms so we’d make room for the grandparents, on the same week that my three year was evaluated to know if he qualifies to enter preschool and did i mention all the while, still potty training him! Phew – I know, that was a lot to take in.

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This meme is me in a nut shell, and with what little energy I have left, I’ll contemplate whether to use it for breathing or blinking – decisions, decisions.


Have you had one of those weeks?! Happy Monday!


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Mom Life With Chiari

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29 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Maybe I’ll Blink, Maybe”

  1. Yikes, quite the week then eh! Good luck for your son, when will you know if he’s got his place?
    I hope everything works out okay for your parents, it’s good they’ve got you there to help in the interim. Now, breeeeeaaathe, it’ll all work out, use the remaining energy to climb into bed to sleep (technically a really long blink) 😉

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      1. Hehe me too. We have to deal with enough, then to put on top of that all the school things, homework, etc. It’s a bit overwhelming at times. But I just remember to breathe, and do one thing at a time, one foot in front of the other.

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