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This ‘Reblog Wednesday’ comes from Dr. Perry, his blog is so motivational. Do you ever go about your day questioning certain things in your life? Do you ever get them answered, perhaps some you do, while others you don’t. This quote reminds me of how there have been too many times to count the days where my questions go unanswered. At times I question many things most often when I’m in a doctor’s appointment waiting to be called, during an MRI exam or a CT Scan, etc. These specific events always take me back to a place I often don’t like to revisit. In particular the why’s of my Chiari and Syringomyelia diagnosis, why not, after all, I am that 1 in 1,000. And maybe this isn’t the case for you, maybe you have unanswered questions about the loss of a job, heartbreak, a breakup, a medical diagnosis for yourself or someone you know, whatever the case maybe, this quote comes to relieve you of that stress. I am a true believer that in God’s hands is where it all must go, and with this comes freedom.

Freedom is, when you stay in the now and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.

And as the quote continues to read, ‘there may very well be no perfect answer.’ He’s absolutely right, as stubborn as I am, even if I did get an answer as to why I am that 1 in 1,000 the answer may very well not be enough for me.

via No Perfect Answer — MakeItUltra™

If I can’t change my diagnosis, at least I can change my perspective.

Happy Wednesday.



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11 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: No Perfect Answer — MakeItUltra™”

  1. By sharing your battle you are giving strength to those who can’t. That’s huge. So many of us read posts but never reply. All you need is to help one person and it’s worth it.

    Have yourself a great week. You got this!!!

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  2. Just found your blog. Happy I did. Mental strength will always win out. That is something we can control. We have the power to dictate where we want to go and it looks like you have taken control and not allow this disease to own you.

    By being open and sharing this disease with us you are already winning the battle. We are learning about you and you are gaining strength ever day.

    Keep fighting!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Bryan! Truth be told I went back and forth as to whether or not to even post something about the month of September being Chiari Awareness month. But I’m so glad I did. Being open isn’t easy, but it’s worth it, you never know who you’re going to help and in what way. Living with Chiari – or any other condition, can really have much control over you as you mentioned and you have to have much power to know that this nor any other illness will NOT have that power over you. Yes, I am not the person I once was, that is a given, but I’m trying to mold my mind into what my body is today. I have to give in, otherwise it’s a lost battle. I listen to my body, respect it for all that it’s gone through and is continuing to go through and know my bodies limits. Because there are limitations, respect that before your body shuts down to the point of no return, to the point where you end up in the ER. Yes, it’s happen to me multiple times.
      I’m so glad you’re here and thank you again for your comment – so motivating! 🙂


  3. I know what you’re saying. My son is in the same boat. The doctors have no answer for the way he is. And the bad thing about it is that they’re so clueless now that they really seem to not care anymore. The case is beyond them, so they move on to the cases they can solve and feel like a success….

    I’ve come to learn that the medical field is just like the ministry. There’s some people who think they’re good enough and smart enough for it. They think they have the hearts for it. But, they have not a bit more business being in that position.

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    1. Ugh! Yes! I’ve met those doctors that have lost the love, drive and passion for their profession. I’d get a second, third and tenth opinion. I know there’s a lot of phone calles and running around involved, but it paid off for me.

      The first surgeon that operated on me in 2013 cut the brain tonsil that was descending down to my cervical spine, he then wouldn’t see me again because he said he had done all that he could – says a self proclaimed Chiari specialist. After searching for a new doctor because of on going symptoms, turns out, cutting the tonsil is an ancient surgical technique. As one surgeon put it, ‘they used to do that in the dinosaur ages.’ Thanks, it’s just my BRAIN!

      You definitely don’t know what kind of doctor you’re going to get, but there are still those few with the passion that they started with, they’re worth finding! The ones with the bedside manners still in tact.

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